IMAGE: Fausto Fernós in Drag on the Cover of Nightspots, 2002

Nov 11, 2011 · 44633 views

All I could think of when this photo was taken was “I want my picture taken with the biggest guy in the room.”

Here I am on the cover of Nightspots, posing at a gay bar with one of the guys from Chicago Mirth and Girth, a group that grew into what people call Bears today. The photo was taken by Sukie Delacroix.

To celebrate their 21 year anniversary, Nightspots, a local gay bar magazine is reposting their classic covers. I asked their editor Kirk Williamson if he had the cover I was on, and ULP- here it is!

The look I was sporting was my attempt to being a harajuku drag queen inspired by Julie Taymor’s Lion King. I loved those yellow and black striped jeans.


  1. cassiofm says:

    Unrecognisable! 😀

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