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FOF #1973 - Tea with Milk & Kelly Mantle - 04.23.14

FOF #1973 – Tea with Milk & Kelly Mantle

As much as we love RuPaul’s Drag Race, too often some good queens go home too soon. Thankfully they have the rest of their lives to show us what they got, and their first stop is here at Feast of Fun.

Today we’re udderly delighted to spill the tea with two of the most interesting and certainly tallest drag queens from Season Six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Kelly Mantle and Milk!

FOF #1981 - War of the Words - 05.06.14

FOF #1981 – War of the Words

One of the hot topics we’ve been covering is the controversy over RuPaul’s Drag Race use of the word tranny and she-male.

Today we’re joined by Parke Marie Molloy, one blogger who’s led the charge against using these words and says we can’t move forward towards equality if we don’t address this issue. Listen as Parker Marie talks takes us to task for some of the things we’ve said on this show and Parker receives a special phone call from Alaska Thunderfuck

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FOF #1999 - Party Like It's 1999 - 06.11.14

FOF #1999 – Party Like It’s 1999

It’s been a couple of years since someone like evangelist Harold Camping got people anxious about the end of the world, but if you look closely, many religions have some sort of doomsday. What is it about these doomsday prophecies that appeal to people so much? And why are so many of them concerned with the odometer turning a certain number?

Today, Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at some of our favorite doomsday scenarios that thankfully never came true.

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VIDEO: Alaska and his brother Cory on Bro$ for Ca$h

VIDEO: Alaska and his brother Cory on Bro$ for Ca$h

This is so adorable. Alaska and his brother Cory compete for cash prizes on World of Wonder’s new video series of Bro$ For Ca$h. Because Marc is also from Erie, we got to spend the […]

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FOF #2058 - Facebook Apologizes to Drag Queens - 10.05.14

FOF #2058 – Facebook Apologizes to Drag Queens

Facebook is apologizing to drag queens and transgender folks for suspending accounts that used drag names. But don’t celebrate yet as it’s not immediately clear how Facebook will enforce their “name in real life” standard.

Joining us today is Brooklyn drag queen BibleGirl who enlarges her eyes with make-up to give her a super sized Barbie doll look to chat about NYC nightlife, growing penises in a lab and what Facebook’s reversal means for queens.

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FOF #1979 - BenDeLaCreme Rises to the Top - 05.02.14

FOF #1979 – BenDeLaCreme Rises to the Top

Audiences around the nation booed as RuPaul sent BenDeLaCreme home after failing to lip sync for his life on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Even though Bendela won the show’s opening challenge, the judges said his looks on the runway were way off mark.

Today we put a little Ben DeLaCreme into our coffee as he joins us to talk about his burlesque roots in Chicago, being gal pals with season five winner Jinkx Monsoon and how he used drag to overcome shyness.

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FOF #2025 - Viva Vivacious - 08.01.14

FOF #2025 – Viva Vivacious

One of the most memorable entrances on any reality TV show was on RuPaul’s Drag Race, when Vivacious entered the workroom sporting a second head made from a foam wig stand. After what seemed like forever, Vivacious unzipped her green jacket to reveal her own face, snapping a paper fan at the queens declaring “Mother has arrived!”

Listen as we talk with Vivacious about why she was so flabbergasted being around RuPaul, the extended family of Ornacia and why she prefers to perform in the crowd instead of the stage.

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FOF #1989 - Madison Hinton is Always On - 05.19.14

FOF #1989 – Madison Hinton is Always On

Is this on? Is it ON!? You better believe Madison Hinton is on!

Joining us today is the SHE-larious Madison Hinton from Atlanta, Georgia, best known for her Vine videos as the “big dicked bitch.” The popularity of these videos have catapulted her into internet stardom.

Listen as Madison Hinton chats with us about the roller coaster ride her life has been lately now that she’s transitioning from an adult entertainer, to an entertainer for adults.

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FOF #2039 - Alaska's Makeup is Far from Terrible - 09.03.14

FOF #2039 – Alaska’s Makeup is Far from Terrible

Alaska now has a hit on her hands with her new video “Your Makeup is Terrible” where he majestically deconstructs his drag creation, showing us the vulnerable man underneath the painted visage.

Listen as Alaska takes all your questions and gives us the dirt on his collaboration with Adore Delano, the common ground trans folks and drag performers share and how drag builds community.

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VIDEO: John Stamos' Hot Gay Kiss

VIDEO: John Stamos’ Hot Gay Kiss

Vine superstar Jerome Jarre prank kisses John Stamos and John returns the favor by spitting Greek yogurt into the kid’s mouth. Maybe. Or it could just be a simple kiss.

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