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FOF #1044 - Teri Yaki's Tangy Taste - 08.25.09

FOF #1044 – Teri Yaki’s Tangy Taste

Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki returns to follow up on the Lady Vera Parker story, the unhappy birthday party and shares her own experience of being behind bars.

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FOF #1043 - Goodbye Mr. Clucky - 08.24.09

FOF #1043 – Goodbye Mr. Clucky

Comedian and writer Keith Ecker weighs in on the heated discussion on bareback sex. Florida is going haywire as they ban Mr. Clucky a favorite rooster from living in the city of Miami and a man tricks a woman into treating him like a baby by pretending to be his own handicapped brother.

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Special Edition FOF: Risky Business?

Special Edition FOF: Risky Business?

Live podcast forum on Barebacking, risk, pleasure and the influence of porn. Taped at the Center on Halsted in Chicago, August 17, 2009.

FOF #1042 - Japhy Grant Raw & Uncensored - 08.21.09

FOF #1042 – Japhy Grant Raw & Uncensored

Blogger Japhy Grant looks at the challenges he faced and the inspirational moments he cherished working in gay news. Japhy also dishes the dirt on Perez Hilton, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the new season of Project Runway.

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FOF #1041 - Getting in Hot Water - 08.20.09

FOF #1041 – Getting in Hot Water

Interview with Matt Johnson the manager of a coffee shop in Oak Park who’s gotten into hot water for booking a minister who advocates gay reperative therapy. Tyra Banks yanks out her hair extensions and Project Runway returns to TV.

FOF #1040 - Special Ed - 08.19.09

FOF #1040 – Special Ed

Our friend Ed Hayes returns to talk about his love for so-called corporate efficiency and all things that destroy the American cultural landscape and a funny story about a Chicago gay bar manager who forced his employees to pay to come to his birthday party or lose their shifts.

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Thanks for the Nominations!

Thanks for the Nominations!

Thank you to all of you who have nominated us for Arianna Huffington’s 100 People Who Are Using New Media to Change the World. If you’d like to write a testimonial you can sign in […]

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FOFA #920 - Deven Green Stimulates Your Economy - 08.18.09

FOFA #920 – Deven Green Stimulates Your Economy

Deven Green takes no prisoners. On today’s show we’ve got the very funny Deven Green, the queen of YouTube talking about how to stimulate the economy and turn garbage into gold. Deven cuts through the […]

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In

Did you have a good time at the rally on Saturday? I did! Check out this video as I attempt to kiss everyone, including Marc, during The Great Nationwide Kiss In at Cloudgate the giant […]

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FOF #1039 - Burn the Brief? - 08.17.09

FOF #1039 – Burn the Brief?

Blogger Michael Lehet joins in on stories of our sexy fun convincing straight guys to join a kiss-in. New instruments and a australian fashion underwear company is under fire for an insensitive commercial portraying a solider injured by a land-mine.

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