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FOF #2257 - Daveo Falaveo Makes the Season Hot - 11.24.15

FOF #2257 – Daveo Falaveo Makes the Season Hot

Tis the season to be fabulous with Daveo Falaveo, who many think got his start as adult model due to his risquee photos from his MySpace page when he was barely legal.

Today, we’re joined by viral video sensation Daveo Falaveo to talk about his wild videos. Listen as Daveo talks about why it’s hard for YouTube personalities on dating apps and are bullies secretely in love with their victims?

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FOF #2256 - Patti's Pies - 11.23.15

FOF #2256 – Patti’s Pies

Soul singer James Wright Chanel’s enthusiastic endorsement video is making Patti Labelle’s pies into this year’s Thanksgiving must have item.

But some folks think Miss Labelle hit a sour note for saying she made the pies successful “on my own” and she needs to get a “new attitude” and pay James Wright Chanel more than just a phone call.

Today we’re taking a close look at #blackpiesmatter

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FOF #2255 - Tiger Blood - 11.20.15

FOF #2255 – Tiger Blood

This week, actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s been HIV positive for four years, making folks worry that like Caitlyn Jenner with trans issues, this arrogant celebrity will become the new face of HIV.

Joining us is the hilarious Jeffrey Jay to talk about Charlie Sheen’s breakdown, and the nerve wracking way health workers give you your HIV test results, as if you were a contestant on Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire

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FOF #2254 - Lady Red Couture is the World’s Biggest Drag Queen - 11.18.15

FOF #2254 – Lady Red Couture is the World’s Biggest Drag Queen

Lady Red Couture may well be as she calls herself “the world’s largest drag queen in captivity.” As Jonny McGovern’s sidekick on Hey Qween, Lady Red throws legendary shade while sitting on her own couch and munching snacks.

Today we kiki with Lady Red Couture about crowdfunding her new album, her friendship with Jonny McGovern and the challenges she’s overcome to become her glorious self.

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FOF #2253 - Karen Lewis’ Wild Ride - 11.17.15

FOF #2253 – Karen Lewis’ Wild Ride

Back in 1997, the summer after I graduated from art school, my friend Karen Lewis and I were invited to East Berlin to perform in an arts festival. The theme was “America.” It was a delicious, wild hot mess which left our European audience mostly scratching their heads they loved it nonetheless.

Today, twenty-two years later we’re joined by Fausto’s old gal pal, Karen Lewis to talk about her wild art: from her patriotic song parodies to her dark and twisted take on the Three Little Pigs.

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Lady Bunny Roasts the RuGirls

Lady Bunny Roasts the RuGirls

Lady Bunny roasts the girls from Drag Race while doing her best Paula Dean voguing.

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FOF #2252 - Where No Woman Has Gone Before - 11.16.15

FOF #2252 – Where No Woman Has Gone Before

One of our favorite Chicago comedy gems is Improvised Star Trek, the new hilarious adventures of the starship Sisyphus, that lampoons not just the popular sci-fi series, but our modern day frustrations with technology and smart phones.

Today we’re joined by the she-larious Irene Marquette, who stars as Lt. Cola on Improvised Star Trek at iO theater and hosts her own comedy showcase The Curio Show.

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Sauté you stay: Cooking with Drag Queens is saved!

Sauté you stay: Cooking with Drag Queens is saved!

It’s now official, Cooking with Drag Queens reached it’s funding goal, with 414 backers donating on the average about $60. From all the queens and us here at the home Feast of Fun studio, thank you.

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FOF #2251 - Everybody Rejoice - 11.13.15

FOF #2251 – Everybody Rejoice

Yaaass! We made it! Hope you’re hungry. With just 3 hours to go, Cooking with Drag Queens is out of the frying pan and onto your plate. Yummy.

Our fabulous web series got the hot gravy injection it needed from the fans who love the series, raising $25,550 so far. But wait, there’s more- we’re posting this show super early with just a few hours left, so we can do some STRETCH goals to create more fabulous videos in the coming year!

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FOF #2250 - Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars - 11.12.15

FOF #2250 – Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars

Pretty much all of your favorite drag queens have been at one time or another photographed by San Francisco’s very own José Alberto Guzman Colón.

You’ve probably seen his work in Peaches Christ’s movie posters or plastered over many drag queens’ Facebook pages.

Today José Alberto Guzman Colón joins us to talk about the outpouring of support he received after getting all his camera equipment stolen and how to bring out the best in a drag queen’s photo shoot.

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