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FOF #2340 - Tom Goss Goes Viral - 06.08.16

FOF #2340 – Tom Goss Goes Viral

Tom Goss has had two very different music videos go viral: the playfully sexy “Bears” and the teen angst filled cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.” At what point does the viral success of his videos affect his future work?

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session to play his viral hits and he gives us a sneak peek of new music from his upcoming album.

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FOF #2339 - Making Your Pride Celebration Fierce - 06.07.16

FOF #2339 – Making Your Pride Celebration Fierce

Over the decades, what used to be a cozy gathering of brave souls marching for equality and commemorating the Stonewall Riots has grown to become a huge celebration of sexual and gender diversity.

Today, our thirst quenching gal pal Joan Waters joins us to give you some fabulous tips and tricks to make your Pride celebration fierce and fabulous.

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FOF #2338 - When Fashion Kills - 06.03.16

FOF #2338 – When Fashion Kills

The fashion industry hasn’t always had our best interests at heart- even back in the Victorian era, the Rational Dress Society was fighting against the ridiculous corsets women were forced to wear.

Today writer Zach Stafford joins us to take a look at futuristic jumpsuits as a way to make clothing more economical and ecologically friendly.

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FOF #2337 - The Revenge of Peaches Christ - 06.01.16

FOF #2337 – The Revenge of Peaches Christ

It’s a lot of fun to watch campy movies where the main character gets their revenge in the most over the top ways against those who truly wronged them. But revenge is a fire that consumes everything, and leaves the person empty inside.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at vengeful women filled with venomous poison in some of our favorite campy movies- Carrie, Kill Bill, Friday the 13th, Mommie Dearest and She-Devil: which she is parodying at the Castro Theater this summer.

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FOF #2336 - 12 Years of LGBT Podcasting - 05.31.16

FOF #2336 – 12 Years of LGBT Podcasting

A lot has happened since we first started the podcast 12 years ago: Marriage Equality, drag queens TV superstars, PrEP effectively stops HIV and trans is the new battleground for civil rights.

Today we take a look at how life has changed for us and our audience by taking a look back at some of the major events that have happened in real life and on the show.

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FOF #2335 - Making the Most of Your IML Sex Holiday - 05.27.16

FOF #2335 – Making the Most of Your IML Sex Holiday

On every Memorial Day weekend, thousands of horny folks descend upon the Windy City for IML, the world’s largest bondage and fetish conference and contest.

Today we give you the tips and tricks on making the most of your sexy weekend at IML or any holiday where you plan to squeeze all the juice from the fruit.

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FOF #2334 - Growing Up Slow - 05.25.16

FOF #2334 – Growing Up Slow

Comedian Carma Nibarger always hears about people growing up grow up hard and fast, but what about those who grow up soft and slow?

Today, Carma joins us to talk about coming to terms with family members who support Donald Trump for president and why she regrets voting for Ralph Nader in the 2000 election.

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FOF #2333 - Kitty Powers, International Drag Queen of Romance - 05.24.16

FOF #2333 – Kitty Powers, International Drag Queen of Romance

Not every drag queen follows the same path- many are born on Halloween and lip sync in bars but others use drag as just one of the tools to make their dreams come true.

Our guest today is video game developer Richard Franke, who created Kitty Powers – Matchmaker, a video game where players take on the role of a matchmaker to pair up partners for romance.

FOF #2332 - Nothing Compares 2 Madonna's Prince Tribute - 05.23.16

FOF #2332 – Nothing Compares 2 Madonna’s Prince Tribute

It’s an impossible task to properly pay tribute to a legendary musician on TV, but Madonna’s Prince tribute at was met with almost nothing but eye-rolls from the Internet.

Today the she-larious Meredith Kachel joins us to chime in on all these exhausted entertainers phoning it in, from Madonna’s Prince tribute to Britney Spears and Justin Bieber.

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FOF #2331 - Even Bears Get the Blues - 05.19.16

FOF #2331 – Even Bears Get the Blues

There’s no doubt that bears have foraged for themselves a supportive community in the dark woods of the gay forest, but it’s not always a jamboree- a new study says that many bears suffer from low self-esteem.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to look the perils and pleasures faced by the average gay bear and why Grumpy Bear was the smartest of all the Care Bears.

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