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FOF #2178 - Looking for Love in All the Right Places - 06.16.15

FOF #2178 – Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Summer is here and the heat is on. As Pride approaches, the city takes in loads and loads of gay men for the summer, with many of them on the hunt for finding Mr. Right.

Today we’re talking to blogger Shane Salley (also known as bearded beauty Shanté Detroit) about looking for the the right guy in the big city.

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FOF #2177 - Big Dipper’s Thick and Juicy Beats - 06.15.15

FOF #2177 – Big Dipper’s Thick and Juicy Beats

Our guest today began his musical career as a prank, wondering what would happen if a thick and juicy gay bear owned the stage like a bad-ass rapper.

And here he is– the hilarious Big Dipper– the Ursa Major of rap music talking about getting his audience horny, why his lyrics make you laugh as they speak the truth. Represent!

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FOF #2176 - How Trixie Mattel Turns Followers into Fanatics - 06.12.15

FOF #2176 – How Trixie Mattel Turns Followers into Fanatics

Thanks to her doll-like makeup, quirky humor and willingness to engage fans, Trixie Mattel has a brand that’s peaked the interest of the business world.

Listen as Trixie and Forbes magazine writer Jackie Huba talk about what businesses can learn about connecting to their loyal customers by looking at how America’s top drag queens like Trixie relate to their super fans.

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FOF #2175 - Dida Ritz is Back - 06.08.15

FOF #2175 – Dida Ritz is Back

At the height of her drag career, Dida Ritz mysteriously disappeared. After losing her drag mom she needed time to breathe and find inspiration. It’s hard to keep a fierce queen down, so Dida is back with a vengeance and taking no prisoners!

Today Dida Ritz joins us to talk about life after RuPauls’ Drag Race, falling in and out of drag, and all the T on Drag Race you haven’t heard until now.

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FOF #2174 - Tom Goss Can’t Wait - 06.08.15

FOF #2174 – Tom Goss Can’t Wait

Our lovely friend, musician Tom Goss packed up his guitar and husband Mike and moved to Beverly, Hills that is- Bryan Singer pool parties, and porneau stars. Tom moved to L.A. to dive into the wonderful community of artists living there and he’s loving every minute of it!

Today Tom Goss and his gal pal Liz DeRoche give us a live music session with songs from their new album Wait.

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FOF #2173 - After Caitlyn Jenner - 06.04.15

FOF #2173 – After Caitlyn Jenner

With Caitlyn Jenner’s new TV show, Orange is the New Black’s upcoming 3rd Season and genderqueer Violet Chachki crowned as America’s Next Drag Superstar, there’s a lot of exciting trans moments happening right now.

Riding this new wave is one of the hottest trans comedians, our very own Jeffrey Jay, who joins us to talk about his wild year and his love for humanity now that he’s back on the T.

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FOF #2172 - Give Them Something to Look At - 06.03.15

FOF #2172 – Give Them Something to Look At

At this year’s International Mr.Leather competition, Jefferson Tugger marched onstage wearing a fierce cape and stiletto heeled boots to proclaim that no matter who you are, it’s fabulous to be yourself.

Today, the gender non-conforming Mr. Phoenix Leather Jefferson Tugger joins us to talk about how the world has reacted to his viral video.

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FOF #2171 - All Hail the New Queens - 06.02.15

FOF #2171 – All Hail the New Queens

Spoiler alert! In what’s sure to be a controversial decision, RuPaul crowned Violet Chachki America’s Next Drag Superstar, over two audience favorites, Pearl and Ginger Minj.

Joining us today to talk about the upset, is our fried chicken goddess Trannika Rex, whose finger licking good episode of Cooking with Drag Queens is getting her lots of attention, mostly from people sending her pictures of their latest fried chicken creations or cheeky naked photos.

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FOF #2170 - Ross Mathews Gives Us Straight Talk - 06.01.15

FOF #2170 – Ross Mathews Gives Us Straight Talk

Talk show personality Ross Mathews has been involved in some pretty amazing TV projects over the years and now he’s one of the most popular judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today, Ross joins us to talk about his extraordinary life in Hollywood, how he manages to stay optimistic in an industry that can be very difficult and he gives us his take on where RuPaul’s Drag Race is going.

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FOF #2169 - Lucky Charms - 05.29.15

FOF #2169 – Lucky Charms

Times are changing- more than 1.2 million people in Ireland voted for Marriage Equality, in what was once a very staunch Catholic country. The Vatican called the unprecedented vote a “defeat for humanity. Meanwhile, Irish American Vice President Joe Biden, said the U.S. and the world “needs to follow Ireland’s lead.”

Joining us today is Vine comedy superstar Meg Grunewald, who impressive range of characters have made her one of the top video bloggers on the micro-video sharing app.

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