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FOF #650 - Sound the Alarm - 11.14.07

FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm

There’s a new drug in town and it’s stinky, stinky, stinky! If you thought candy flavored crack was far out, the police in Florida are warning parents and schools across the country of a new […]

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FOF #649 - Got the Feeling for Reeling - 11.13.07

FOF #649 – Got the Feeling for Reeling

It’s that time of the year, time to get your tickets to Reeling, the fabulous Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival. The second oldest film festival of it’s kind, Reeling prides itself in putting […]

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FOF #648 - Starrbootylicious - 11.12.07

FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious

Get your booty in high gear people! The most famous drag queen in the world, RuPaul joins us for real on today’s show. Well known for her 1993 chart topping release Supermodel, RuPaul Charles is […]

SHOW #17 - Goodie Box - 11.09.07

SHOW #17 – Goodie Box

The holiday season is in full swing, and we want to send a little more love your way. In order to celebrate winning the People’s Choice Podcast Award for “BEST GLBT” podcast and to ring […]

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FOF #647 - Echoes of Halloween - 11.09.07

FOF #647 – Echoes of Halloween

For some, Halloween never ends. Sal-E spends half of his evenings every week, 52 weeks a year dressing up in a costume and claims he never repeats any outfits. I believe him. Look at those […]

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FOF #646 - Dame ENDA - 11.08.07

FOF #646 – Dame ENDA

What is it with these Republicans? As you may or may not know, the list of anti-gay voting, behind the doors gay-sexing conservative Republican politicians keeps growing and growing. Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Richard “Frankenfurter” […]

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FOF #645 - Live from The Stud Bar in San Francisco! - 11.07.07

FOF #645 – Live from The Stud Bar in San Francisco!

The wait is over! Here it is, the taping of our live show from The Stud Bar in San Francisco. The City by the Bay with all the gays was very good to us and […]

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FOF #644 - Lettuce Entertain You - 11.06.07

FOF #644 – Lettuce Entertain You

Get your salad fork ready because New York City’s finest drag queen comedian, Hedda Lettuce is here! The obscene green queen who makes Halloween seem serene joins us on today’s show. Hedda was forged in […]

SHOW #16 - Spring Rolls - 11.05.07

SHOW #16 – Spring Rolls

When our friend and loyal listener Drew Persons, a model and photographer living in Thailand, came over to visit us, I just had to show him how to make Vietnamese spring rolls with a Western […]

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FOF #643 - Move Over - 11.05.07

FOF #643 – Move Over

Move over Larry Craig! Scandal just got a new best friend: conservative, closeted State Rep. Richard Curtis. (NOTE: We apologize for getting his political job confused on the show, he’s not a Senator folks. My […]

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