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La Pequeña Hillary Clinton

La Pequeña Hillary Clinton

Just when you thought La Pequeña was a one trick pony with her Amy Winehouse impersonation, she’s back with a sexy political twist. Here she is portraying Senator Hillary Clinton stating “I forgave my husband” […]

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Easter: The Hidden Gay Holiday

Easter: The Hidden Gay Holiday

Check out Curtis Jensen’s fantastic video of San Francisco’s drag queen Easter Bonnet contest. Curtis writes in the forums: “Yes Halloween is totally fucked up in San Francisco, but I’ll just bet you don’t have […]

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FOF #727 - Shake it Sister - 03.25.08

FOF #727 – Shake it Sister

We got your fill of diva-licious podcasting today as Jenniphre Zias is in the house! One half of the country duo The Shaker Sisters comes to talk about their brand new album “All Night Through” […]

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FOFA #556 - Russian Robocops - 06.19.07

FOFA #556 – Russian Robocops

Did you hear the one about the egg-shaped Russian robocop? As far as we know, this is a true story. A Russian six-foot tall egg-shaped robot, hailed by the Russian police force as a bold […]

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

It is not cake sitting but it’s close! Watch the chocolate bunny contend with heat from three different sources. Poor bunny.

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FOFA #269 - Levi Kreis Bares His Soul - 03.17.06

FOFA #269 – Levi Kreis Bares His Soul

Levi Kreis is nice. A childhood musical prodigy, his parents were blown away when at the tender young age of six he learned to play “Pomp and Circumstance” after coming home from his kindergarten graduation. […]

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Easter Basket Cocktail

Easter Basket Cocktail

Gayer than a Cosmopolitan? Yep! It’s not really the drink that makes it gay but rather how it is served. Rim a martini glass with thick simple syrup and then dip into dyed green coconut […]

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FOFA #276 - Osaka Hernandez's Weddings - 03.20.08

FOFA #276 – Osaka Hernandez’s Weddings

Osaka Hernandez had a huge following in Japan. If Selena was the “Madonna” of Tejano music, then Osaka was considered to be the “Cyndi Lauper.” Okay Osaka was a fabulous drag queen and never sang […]

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FOF #726 - Locker Room Humor - 03.19.08

FOF #726 – Locker Room Humor

Gregg loves his new firecracker red Feast of Fools mug, but he especially likes it because it holds 15 oz. instead of the regular 10 ounces that most mugs hold. Gregg says now he doesn’t […]

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FOF #725 - Movies Every Gay Man Must See - 03.18.08

FOF #725 – Movies Every Gay Man Must See

Since the early days of film, making and watching movies has been a very gay pastime. Check out this early “Kinestoscope” movie of two men dancing made by William Dickson at Thomas Edison’s “Black Maria” […]

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