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FOF #809 - Happy Birthday Mr. E - 07.31.08

FOF #809 – Happy Birthday Mr. E

Sal-E has been dressing in costume and putting on make up everyday for the past seven days, in a row, just for your entertainment pleasure! Poor guy! His pores are more clogged than lesbians shoes […]

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FOF #808 - Zodiac Wine Tasting - 07.30.08

FOF #808 – Zodiac Wine Tasting

None of us really believe in astrology. The thought that a planets or stars’ location at the time of our birth has any relevance on who we are and what the future holds is far […]

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FOF #807 - Let's Take a Glass Together - 07.29.08

FOF #807 – Let’s Take a Glass Together

“Walter, fix me a drink!” In the 1960s, 70s and early 80s we always saw characters on TV drinking all the time, either at home, after work, during lunch, or pretty much all the time. […]

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FOF #806 - A Heart of Gold - 07.27.08

FOF #806 – A Heart of Gold

We’ve got a delicious bucket of hope! I’m sure you’ve check out Presidential hopeful Barak Obama dazzling speech to the world in Germany, while rival John McCain spoke to diners in a German Restaurant in […]

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M-Network, Take 1

M-Network, Take 1

Joining forces with the Center on Halsted, last Monday July 21 marked the inagural M-Network, a place where men and their admirers can gather on select Mondays once a month for music, food, conversation and […]

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FOFA #567 - Snickers Nixon - 07.25.07

FOFA #567 – Snickers Nixon

Have you ever played this game with your friends? Think of the name of your first pet you had when you were a kid and the street you lived on, combine those two and you […]

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Tonight's the Night!

Tonight’s the Night!

One Night Only! The Reveal Party For What Not To Wear Thursday July 24 from 5-8PM at Green Dolphin Street. Come see Amanda Steinstein as you’ve never seen her before as we celebrate and react […]

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FOFA #714 - I Love My Divas, But I Don't Have Any Friends - 07.24.08

FOFA #714 – I Love My Divas, But I Don’t Have Any Friends

I love my divas, but I don’t have any friends. If you find yourself asking this question, have we got a show for you! Joining us on today’s podcast is Jason McVicker, Director of Mental […]

Fun With FOF Week Continues

Fun With FOF Week Continues

Wednesday, July 23 – Live Podcast Forum “Let’s Take a Glass Together” 6pm, Sidetrack. Please join the Feast of Fools as we record a live podcast forum on the LGBT community and alcohol at Sidetrack. […]

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FOF #805 - Jackie's Party Tips - 07.23.08

FOF #805 – Jackie’s Party Tips

So now that you’ve fought for your right to party, and earned that right, what are you going to do? On today’s show- party planner extraordinaire Jackie Jager, co-owner of the events and dining company […]

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