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FOF #797 - The Second Starbucks to the Right - 07.11.08

FOF #797 – The Second Starbucks to the Right

It’s so good to run into old friends! On today’s show one of my old gal pals Barb Kingston joins us to talk about transforming herself into a happier, loving lesbian. Barb was one of […]

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Drag Queens Take Notice

Drag Queens Take Notice

Here is Rochester, New York drag queen Pandora Boxx lip synching to Britney Spears. I think every drag queen with a camera that can shoot video should be uploading themselves up to the internet or […]

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FOF #796 - Sexy Stuff - 07.10.08

FOF #796 – Sexy Stuff

Cute, funny, sexy and single- that’s Bradon Toussaint from Tuscon, Arizona, one of our loyal lovely listeners! He’s one a smart sexy guy. As a microbiology student at the University of Arizona, Brandon spent much […]

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HIV is Still a Big Deal

HIV is Still a Big Deal

Here’s a new online TV series about a young white gay man living in New York City, who’s friends of color seem to have nothing better to do than meet up with him to lend […]

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FOF #795 - What Lies Beneath - 07.09.08

FOF #795 – What Lies Beneath

In many non-western countries, especially places in the so-called “Muslim World” you see men holding hands, expressing affection for each other and even going as far as giving each other flowers. What’s up with that? […]

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FOF #794 - Let's Go Camping! - 07.08.08

FOF #794 – Let’s Go Camping!

Pull out your marshmallows, get your weenies ready and make yourself comfy ’round the ole campfire because we’re going to summer camp! Tracy Tyler joins us once again on today’s show as we share some […]

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Rowing on Presque Isle

Rowing on Presque Isle

Over the Fourth of July Weekend, Marc and Fausto row a canoe on Presque Isle in Erie, Pennsylvania. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes | YouTube |

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FOF #793 - Podcast, American Style - 07.07.08

FOF #793 – Podcast, American Style

Kaboom! On the Fourth of July, I like to make my own special fireworks with my lips and with my hips. I’m feeling just a little bit frisky after all the madness and mayhem of […]

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FOFA #712 - Your Gay Doctor - 07.04.08

FOFA #712 – Your Gay Doctor

Gay men are living longer than ever and we need to make sure we continue to keep the healthy bodies we’ve enjoyed in our younger years. After all, life doesn’t end at forty. On today’s […]

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FOFA #713 - 9 1/2 Inch Tiara - 06.03.08

FOFA #713 – 9 1/2 Inch Tiara

   Most people look insane wearing tiaras. Even still, gay men and women all across the world compete in pageants that cost a ton of money to participate in and for what? The competition is […]