FOF #269 – Levi Kreis Bares His Soul

Mar 17, 2006 · 72898 views

Levi Kreis is nice. A childhood musical prodigy, his parents were blown away when at the tender young age of six he learned to play “Pomp and Circumstance” after coming home from his kindergarten graduation.

Levi spent most of his life honing his fine singing voice and musical skills, as well as dealing with being a gay man. It wasn’t easy for him. In junior high he went to Exodus Ministries secretly, hoping they would be able to “cure” him of being gay. When he came out in college, he was kicked out of his dorm room and lost a lucrative christian recording contract.

But his story has a happy ending. Nowdays Levi travels with his good pal Eric Himan around playing their catchy acoustic music in venues all around the nation. He’s out and proud. Levi helped compose the theme music for the show “Southern Baptist Sissies” and has his first single “I Should Go” in rotation on scattered radio stations throughout the country, and it was selected to be the theme song for the long-awaited reuniting of two characters on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.” Soon after, CBS’s “Young and the Restless” (or Y&R for you soap-addicts) debuted another track off Levi’s album entitled “Hardly A Hero.”

We’d like to think that Levi is a modern day, sexy, non-cheesy version of the 80’s crooner Christopher Cross.

Listen to our in-depth interview with Levi Kreis, a deeply passionate, soulful and sensual man – it’s no coincidence that this show’s number is TWO-SIX-NINE! (As comedy legend Frank Nelson would say: “Oh yes.”) If you have a moment, be sure to check out his website:

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Featured DVD:
Frailty – Starring Matthew McConaughey, directed by Bill Paxton (features Levi Kreis as a young Matthew) buy it on Amazon

Featured Music:
Levi Kreis – One of the Ones: CD Baby

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