FOF #300 – A Look Inside Margaret Cho

May 1, 2006 · 57893 views

Comedy heroine and freedom fighter Margaret Cho joins us today in an exclusive podcast interview to celebrate the 300th episode of the Feast of Fools podcast. Happy May Day!

Born in the late 60’s in San Francisco, Margaret Cho grew up in a counter-cultural atmosphere that helped shape her comedic sensiblities.

In the mid-90’s she joined the ranks of comedians (Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosanne and Drew Carey) that have had their acts turned into a sitcom when ABC televsion decided to have her star on the sitcom “All American Girl.”

The behind-the-scenes conflict with tv excecutives over ethinc identity and her body plus problems with poor ratings left this critically acclaimed program canceled after it’s first year.

Not to be daunted, Margaret Cho returned to the national spotlight with her off-broadway hit show “I’m The One That I Want” about her experiences on the tv show.

In 2003 she embarked on a sold-out national tour of her show “Revolution” of which the CD was nominated for a Grammy for best comedy album of the year for 2003. She also won a “Worst Dressed” award for the dress she wore to the awards ceremony.

Not a person to shy away from controversy, her comments about the Bush administration at a political rally (where she said “Laura Bush’s pussy tastes like Lysol”) made her the focus of an intense conservative backlash.

Laughing all the way to the bank, Maraget Cho now holds the distinction of having the feature film of her off-broadway show brake records for grossing more per print than any film in history ($1.4 million with only nine prints).

Margaret Cho returns to Chicago on Sunday July 16th to the Chicago Theater to perform a new show “Freedom ‘06.” Click here to buy your tickets in advance.

Listen to this remarkable outspoken woman talk candidly about politics, shyness, family, career and sexuality on the 300th show of the Feast of Fools podcast.

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