FOF #325 – Proud to be Takei

Jun 8, 2006 · 75734 views

Proudly going where no other Star Trek actor had gone before George Takei got back into the national spotlight last year when “beamed” out of the closet as a openly gay man and spoke candidly about his 19-year relationship with his life partner Brad Altman.

On today’s show we’ll be talking with actor George Takei who’s best known for playing the role of Mr. Sulu on the original Star Trek television seires and in six subsequent Star Trek films.

George Takei makes his podcast debut as he joins us today to talk about the 40 year anniversary of star trek, his personal experience as a gay man in hollywood, why he came out, and why Howard Stern was able to trick George into thinking he was arguing with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you live in Chicagoland area, be sure to come out to the Pride Parade on Sunday June 25 where George Takei and his partner Brad Altman will be the grand marshalls.

The parade starts at noon at the corner of Halsted and Belmont, be sure to check us out too. We’ll give you something really special!

Click here to buy George Takei’s autobiography “To The Stars” on Amazon.
Click here to buy the audiobook version on iTunes.

The podcast that foolishly goes where no one dares to go- the Feast of Fools.

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  1. Schwule, Heten und andere Katastrophen » Takei says:

    […] Zeit her, aber da ich es gerade erst gehört habe: George Takei (Enterprise, Heroes) in einem fantastischen Interview bei Feast fo Fools, einem schwulen […]

  2. Joe Baltimore says:

    Can’t believe you have been blogging for 11 years. You are amazing!

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