FOF #508 – Lizz with Two Z’s

Apr 8, 2007 · 33807 views

You may not immediately recognize Lizz’s name, but you probably enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Comedian and television producer Lizz Winstead created the news parody program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central as a response to CNN’s paradigm shifting coverage of the first War in Iraq in the early 90s. Since it’s inception the show has become a major source for people’s news despite the fact that it’s a comedy show.

Lizz chats with us about about how The Daily Show was conceived, their original choice for host and wether she ever got an apology from Craig Kilborn about the nasty comment that got him suspended.

Ms Winstead has a had a lot of odd jobs, from working at the Red Barn to the relaunch team for Broadway Production of Grey Gardens She has come up with fantastic taglines for the show including “What’s wrong with snacking on a little cat food in your bathing suit?-Grey Gardens, The Musical” She highly recommends the show so get your tickets now.

It’s funny that Lizz takes us to task (and by surprise) for asking in a previous post why her good friend pornographer Chi Chi LaRue is on OUT Magazine’s “Power 50” Who would have thought that this funny lady has a pornographer as a friend? It turns out they are friends from their days in Minnesota. Lizz lets us know that it might not be that ChiChi has made a gazzillion dollars in skin flicks that put him on the list but rather as top gay pornographer he knows where all the gay bodies are buried.

We like Lizz and what she has to say about the podcast genre. She thinks podcasts are comedically funnier than radio and TV. The word itself is funny and the medium is fresh.

Lizz blogs from time to time on the Huffington Post and you can befriend her on myspace.

Join us at Lizz Winstead’s upcoming gig at Zanies in Chicago.

Maybe the most important podcast ever made- Feast of Fools.

Featured Event:
Lizz Winstead LIVE
Monday April 16th, 7:30 PM (show begins at 8:30 PM)
Zanies in Chicago
1548 North Wells St. in Old Town • (312) 337-4027

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  1. Fabs says:

    What a cool and funny interview! So glad you guys made a show today although it\’s still a holiday…Well at least here in Germany! Lizz was so cool! I espacielly loved here responses to the breakdown! Wish I could see her show but over 4000 miles is a good argument against a short trip to see her show! Damn, damn, damn!
    Anyways loved the show, would love to here her again on the FOF!
    Lots of Love!

  2. GREAT SHOW! Lizz, I want to have coffee with you sometime. You\’re not just fun but-as they used to say in school-so bright.

  3. Steven says:

    I’ve loved Lizz ever since she was on Unfiltered on Air America. When she left, it broke my heart! It was so good to hear her back on my iPod again! She should podcast! 😉

  4. She did. She was on this show.

  5. Tom_AT says:

    It was so great to listen to this show.
    I’m so sad I cannot come to her show (it would be a little far to go from Europe to America for that 😉 ) – but it would be great if she could come back on the show.

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