FOF #782 – Ripley, Believe It or Not

Jun 18, 2008 · 82180 views

Musician Ripley Caine on the Feast of Fools podcast

Ripley kept saying “Mercury is in retrograde” when she walked in the door. It seemed everything was in chaos, but what she really meant to say was that recently she felt very introspective.

No wonder, we taped this show on Father’s Day and about a year ago I lost my father. It turned out Ripley’s and Marc’s dads were gone as well, and we were all quietly missing them or missing the relationship we never had but wanted to.

Marc did get to make a good joke about his loss, so it got us out of our funk. Nothing like a good joke to raise your spirits.

How soon should you start tarting up your tot? A group of fashion designers have launched Heelarious, a faux high heel shoe line for babies up to six months and come in hot pink, black and leopard print.

As cute as they may be, some child protection groups are raising concern over the inappropriate trend in dressing your kid in “sexy” clothing.

Love to drink? Have a baby? Want to breastfeed but still want to put away those beers? A new test called Milk Screen Mom is a simple, two minute test to detect alcohol in breast milk. So now you can test your own breast milk to see the alcohol content to see if its strong enough to get baby drunk.

Ripley hosts a monthly queer night of entertainment called Cake Chicago. Don’t get too excited though, nobody has yet to sit on a cake at this event. Just kidding, Ripley really does a great job of curating local and touring talent for this show and many people who have been on this podcast have graced her stage.

Ripley holds the event at the Red Line Tap which is a quirky place in the RP as we like to call it. It’s really called Roger’s Park but that doesn’t sound as glamorous as “The RP.” Red Line Tap isn’t a gay bar and Ripley chose it for exactly that reason. She wanted take the gays out of the gay bubble and into the world, much like they take special needs kids to the zoo.

She’s holding a special Pride Cake Chicago on June 27, 2008. It will feature lots of great performers including comedian Cameron Esposito who will be on the show next week and FOF fav Gregg Shapiro.

Round and round and round into your heart, soul and mind- Feast of Fools.

Check them out:
HRC-Chicago’s Annual Gala “Summer Chic”
Saturday, July 19th at the Hyatt Regency
with special celebrity guests actress and comedian Jane Lynch
and hunky performers from Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity.
Get your tickets here
See you then!

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Yay more Ripley she’s great! I’d love to hear her on the show with Sal-E

  2. Barbieboy07 says:

    Ripley seemed really fun and outgoing, i bet she was a blast to have on the podcast!

  3. welling1 says:

    Don’t have her on again. She is annoying!

  4. Rhea says:

    Ignore the above post. Just an annoying, negative nellie hiding behind their anonymity.

    Ripley was a great guest. It’s always a blast to hear old Feast of Fools alums, her wackiness and wit make her fit right in with Marc and Fausto. Do I smell another regular being born on the podcast? :-)

  5. umich11 says:

    You guys had WAY too much fun with Ripley! I think she might have been actually a little offended by the astrology, in the midst of alll that easy-going joking.

    And I do know how to play the digeridoo :)

  6. Anna says:

    Ripley Caine! Aw… she’s one of my favorite indie musicians. I was completely addicted to the original “Corvair” when I heard it about eight years ago. Could not stop listening to it! Unfortunately, the copy I had remained at the college radio station when I moved on, and I haven’t heard it since. Even after all these years I still remembered the lyrics, but I don’t care for the new version, so I ordered a copy of the original EP instead. Yum!

  7. zira35 says:

    Ripley was GREAT! She was funnier than shit and I would love to hear her on the podcast again…anytime!

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