FOF #849 – Marching for Matthew Shepard

Sep 26, 2008 · 111979 views

Writer & activist Wayne Besen on the Feast of Fools podcastIt’s been 10 years since college student Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in the town of Laramie, Wyoming.

How far have we come in creating laws to protect queer folks from violent crimes?

On today’s show we’ve got Wayne Besen– best known for Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth, a tell-all book about the deceptive practices behind ex-gay groups and Andy Thayer from the Gay Liberation Network.

Andy Thayer and Wayne BesenWayne will be speaking in Chicago this Saturday Sept 27th for the 10th annual Matthew Shepard March protesting the murder of Matthew Shepard and all victims of hate violence. The rally starts at 8pm on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted followed by a march through the neighborhood.

The controversial induction of Fundamentalist Radio personality James Dobson into the Museum of Broadcast Communication’s Hall of Fame has a lot of people up in arms. Why would they ask him of all people? Is this just a cry for help from antiquated institution that isn’t even relevant anymore to secure money or is something else going on here?

Check out Dump Dobson to learn how you can protest against Dobson’s inclusion into the Hall of Fame.

Is the Bush administration a shop-o-holic? The chilly reception to the 700 billion dollar bailout and a deficit out of control shows us a Republican party struggling to handle their obsession with spending. Will somebody please hire Washington a therapist or get them to find a hobby other than spending money.

Mama’s Milk Ice Cream? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are putting pressure on the Vermont Ice Cream company Ben and Jerry’s to substitute human breast milk instead of cow milk in their ice cream.

The demand comes in the wake of news reports of a Swiss Restaurant which uses cows milk in three quarters of all the dairy products it serves. How about a Moma’s Mounds blizzard sundae?

Listen to today’s show as we talk about these topics and more. What’s the big deal over celebrities in glass closets and what happens if Obama wins the U.S. Presidenital Election. Will Obama solve all our problems?

Vote baby vote- Feast of Fools.

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  1. Jos says:

    Thank you for bringing up those 700 billion dollar bailout
    You ever read the shock Doctine by Naomi Klein? Maybe “Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine”?

  2. Michael says:

    When are we getting our Bailout? I’ll be waiting by my phone!

    I’m looking forward to the Rapture….all of the crazies will be gone and we can finally have fun!

    A good friend of mine (The Big Finn) lives in Switzerland and recently posted about the story on his blog (he was actually looking forward to it.)

    Here’s the story So why is cow’s milk good but people milk is bad……Soylent Green IS PEOPLE!!!!!

  3. Saulo says:

    I love to hear interesting and intelligent people like Andy and Wayne. They gave me really interesting insights on GLBT issues and did so with a very straightfoward and clear manner.

    I agree that more needs to be done on the activism side. We have to be more assertive! Fight back! Stop being pushovers!

    Lots of success for Andy and Wayne and their projects! And of course to the FOF, this gorgeous, sparkling, hot and necessary broken bottle in our fight for GLBT rights!

    Kudos for Mark and Fausto!

  4. KRABY1 says:

    BRITNEY SPEARS IS RIGHT!!!! GIVE MORE GIVE ME MORE….. can everyone in Washington spend more… From the republicans and all the Democrates keep spending? They are all to blame. Free health care to everyone… free gas to everyone…free housing to everyone….STOP THE INSANITY

  5. Xavi says:

    By now you guys definitely know I’m a secular rightist (it may even be in my profile). It was so refreshing to hear today’s conversation. Even though I make similar comments all the time there is a lot more credibility when those comments come from within, the liberal side of the political spectrum. Now if only there were more of you on my side of the that spectrum (ron paul comes to mind).

    I chuckled when I read about the swiss miss guy. The dairy industry has us brainwashed. its ok to drink the secretions of cows (cows?!) but not the secretions of humans? Shouldn’t the cow gross us out more?

    Ok, back to the bomb shelter where i await the rapture. :-p

  6. How about neither? I like soy milk in my coffee, goat milk cheese and cow-milk ice cream.

    Although I think drinking cow and goat milk isn’t as creepy as drinking the milk of another woman. That milk is meant for babies. Animal milk is meant for their babies, so I guess since it was meant for another species to consume, it isn’t gross. odd logic?

  7. Sarah says:

    It’s great to talk about how the government is ignorant and drafting a bill to fuel their out of control spending but the reality is the FUCKING ECONOMY WILL COLLAPSE if things aren’t done like this. It’s not THE GOVERNMENT SPENDING that got us into this mess, it’s the greedy bastards involved in loaning, wall street, and average citizens buying SHIT THEY CANNOT POSSIBLY AFFORD. The companies people and facets of government that got us into this mess (not really bush but an incompetent FCC regulator, greedy bankers, lenders, irresponsible citizens etc) CANT do anything to help. THEY HAVE NO MONEY THAT IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS SITUATION. Basically we could borrow money from China, Japan, or ourselves…and I would rather have 700biliion dollars borrowed from the country and an intact economy rather than FUCKING ABSOLUTE COLLAPSE.


  8. KylePalmer says:

    Great show you put on. I think you’ve had Andy Thayer on recently, and I have to say he’s very smart and surprisingly grounded.

  9. TrickyToro says:

    Great show! Thanks for having Andy back. I always enjoy the conversation when he’s on. And, thank you Wayne for bringing up the Dobson issues. Democracy Now reported about a secret mtg. he chaired shortly before they announced Palin on the ticket so you know they’ve got their fat fingers in the filthy pie.

  10. Will says:

    Great show Fausto and Marc! Andy and Wayne did well for stretching me into the zone of hey Obama still has things he NEEDS to do better and I NEED to make sure he hears me asking for those things.

    You guys are great. I love to listen to the show! Keep it up!

  11. Marc Felion says:

    No matter who gets elected, we need to step up the pressure on them as soon as they get into office for our rights.

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