FOF #902 – Naked Santa and the Naughty Mrs. Claus

Dec 19, 2008 · 303633 views

Joel Bryant and Deven GreenWere you a good little boy, girl or intersexed child this year? If you were, you might be getting a visit from Naked Santa and the naughty Mrs. Claus!

On today’s show we have the always hilarious Deven Green, YouTube Comedy sensation, known for her videos as “Brenda Dickson – Welcome to my Home” and Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Deven is here to share with us her tips and tricks for making this holiday season jolly with some great gift ideas, recipes and color suggestions for decorating.

What is the true meaning of chirstmas? Is it love, peace, snow, gifts or murder?

Listen as Deven shares with us her Christmas list from A to Zed.

Obama responds to his controversial pick of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.

Feds drop interest rates to an all time low, and adopt new credit card rules with hopes of stimulating the economy.

Rufus Wainwright softens his rejection on the struggle for Marriage Equality. Originally he had said in an interview: “Frankly, if you want to marry a dog, why don’t you go ahead and marry a dog, I don’t care. I’m a complete libertarian and so I really disagree with it.”

Due to a mostly negative response from his fans, the Canadian gay musician responded on his blog: “I am not nor have I ever been opposed to anyone’s right to marry – straight or gay. I myself just don’t want to at the moment and feel a strong tie to the traditional bohemian concept of being a homosexual, ie: the last thing we want is to be like everybody else. But who knows, a girl likes options. Maybe someday I will want to marry!”

Is everybody now happy?

A Baby’s foot discovered growing inside a baby’s head.

Get ready for a hilarious fun filled hour with Deven Green and her suprise mystery guest- Naked Santa!

Featured Music:
The Christmas Jug Band – Santa’s Lost a Ho: iTunes | Amazon | Site



  1. RcktMan says:

    What a wonderful surprise this was!! I think I laughed throughout 99% of the show. The rest of the time I was catching my breath. :) You are all so hysterical on your own– put you together and it’s comedy gold.

    Deven I’m going to have to buy a T-shirt from you just so I can talk to you in person… lol. That’d be a blast. :) Of course, I’ll buy one from Fausto and Marc too… I have to have that Michelle Obama-Inspired design for my own!

    Love ya all! xo

  2. Joel in PR says:

    Aserejé ja de jé de jebe tu de jebere sebiunouva majabi an de bugui an de buididipí

    Thanks for bringing Deven back! WEEELL HELLOO.. HOLLYWOOD…

    All of you need to come visit PR next year and visit 😉


  3. CharlesVer33 says:

    One of my favorite shows of the season guys! I want to hear Deven and Fausto sing a Christmas duet. Make it happpeeennnnn… THank you so much for introducing me to Deven Green, she’s a riot! (And her hubby is almost as hot as Marc, which is saying a lot.)

  4. Rhea says:

    Deven Green is so filthy. I love it!!! Naked Santa is a very lucky man.

    Vagine does not taste like venison; it tastes like beaver. :-)

    On a creepy note, The suspect in the Greyhound beheading case is still behind bars, awaiting trial. Chances are he’ll spend the rest of his life in an insane asylum.

  5. corey says:

    Now that Mrs. Rodenberry has died, Deven should totally be the new voice of the Enterprise computer.

  6. Kieran says:

    The best laugh for me was Deven conjugating the verb smite…her mind is operating on so many different levels and that makes the humour so good. I love her way with words .

  7. travisty says:

    Thanks so much for this episode. I’m in love with Deven, so funny and charming. I listened to the episode twice over the weekend. I missed the last episode you did with her, so I went back and gave it a listen. Great stuff. Merry Christmas guys, Santa should be very good to both of you.

  8. warning says:

    If you youtube deven green’s husband joel bryant you would know that he grew up with a gay dad. I think that hiitting on him during the interview might have made him uncomfortable or maybe deven uncomfortable for him

  9. warning says:

    also check out Deven’s HILARIOUS parody of a petro industry “psa”
    you have to remember back when gas was expensive (way back then)

    i couldnt stop laughing

  10. DavidMcD says:

    Just finished listening to this, and Deven, I love you girl, but I’m going to steal your hot man! Kidding. I’m so happy I could scream, this show was so funny.

  11. Marc Felion says:

    Joel Bryant was on the show? I thought I was hitting on Naked Santa! Thanks Warning, now I’m going to cry that there is no Naked Santa.

  12. Joel says:

    Great show guys!!
    OK, OK, I’m a little biased being, y’know, with Deven and all. Still, I loved it through and through – even the parts without “Naked Santa!”

    RE: To “WARNING”: Not uncomfortable at all!!! Hell, flattered if anything else! A good “hit on” is better than a bad “walk by and ignore” any day.
    (…now I’m just trying to figure out how some of my less-than-stellar sets get posted on the web! Ah well……).

    Thanks for allowing Naked Santa into your homes fellas…even if he had to break & enter to do it.

  13. Pikkle says:

    Oh Naked Santa, how we love thee. And Deven Green, you are HILARIOUS! Keep it up, the both of you!

  14. Will says:

    Naked Santa was the best. i love when yall have Devon on the show. She is a hoot. Thanks for making my dog walk a chuckler.

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