FOF #951 – Meet the Publisher

Mar 17, 2009 · 88324 views

Gay Chicago Magazine's new publisher Michael Harrington on the Feast of Fun Podcast!Ding dong! Everybody’s ringing the death knell for print media lately, even newspapers themselves! But not every ship is sinking!

On today’s show we’re talking to Gay Chicago Magazine’s new publisher, Michael Harrington. On the first day of this year Michael took over the helm of Illinois’ longest running gay & lesbian print publication and hopes to steer the ship to a brighter, sunnier horizon.

Gay Chicago Magazine's St. Patrick's Day CoverMichael is injecting digital deliciousness into the popular magazine, cleaning house and insisting on transparency by asking the contributors to go by their real names.

Having gone from a lucrative job as a consultant to his new position as publisher Michael’s sticking his own neck out in hopes of building a better magazine and a better community.

Listen as we talk with Michael about the challenges he faces, life as a gay dad and the legacy of Harold Washington.

Happy Nude’s Patrick Day! Aer Lingus airlines uses nudity to promote their $20 ticket from London to eight European destinations. Watch the video to the right to find out just how naked they get.

The psychology of coffee and why it tastes better from you favorite mug.

Swedish police officers are in trouble again for working out in the nude at their in house gym. We’re not sure if it’s the same police officers who posed naked with their guns at a private party. Swedish listeners- where are the pictures?

A Chinese mother bathes her baby in breast milk because she doesn’t know what to do with all her extra milk.

Plus questions from you through Facebook.

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  1. drex says:

    This is indeed a great post. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like Michael’s use of the word “celebrate” when talking about the Chicago gay community. Another fabulous show guys!

  3. kieran says:

    Geisha Cargo? I kept hearing this again and again

  4. Marc Felion says:

    Geisha Cargo is my new drag name!

  5. garyc says:

    Michael should record audiobooks. His voice was very relaxing and clear.x

  6. Matthew Huff says:

    What an awesome guest! I went for a walk listening and extended my walk to listen to the whole podcast. Michael was soo positive and inspirational, such a positive energy this podcast had. Keep it up guys!

  7. TrickyToro says:

    I really enjoyed how positive and uplifting Michael was. He had some great things to say about parenting and I loved the discussion about diversity in the community. While I abhor living in LA its incredibly diverse within the gay venues while SF is very segregated. There’s the latino bar, the asian bar, and the black bar and neer the tween shall meet sadly. But one can keep hope alive and it’s just a matter of time.

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