FOF #977 – Miami, Martí, Movies & Me

Apr 29, 2009 · 81642 views

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Kareem Tabsch talks about the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, now underway

Miami is a city full of good looking people, great weather and fabulous beaches. The annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is under full swing, bringing some of the hottest queer films, documentaries and shorts to the forefront.

Now’s a great time to take a trip to the part of America that pokes into Latin culture.

Come dive with us into the pool of great queer movies as we talk with Kareem Tabsch, the festivals programming director.

Sex worker from the film "Luchando" Javier Beltrán as Federico García Lorca and Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dalí in "Little Ashes" Sen. Larry Craig (R) who was arrested for cruising for sex in a public men's bathroom

This week they’re showing Outrage, the new documentary about outing closeted gay politicians, Little Ashes, a film starring the sexy Robert Patterson of Twilight as a bi curious Salvador Dali and Luchando, a documentary that looks at the life of Cuban prostitutes of all persuasions. Why is this the film to watch?

Many of the films of the festival we’re featuring here might sell out, so be sure to get your tickets in advance here. See you there!

Kareem has been involved with programming the festival for over seven years, and has his finger on the pulse of where we’re going as a community. What hot topics in gay cinema does he see in the coming years?

Fausto Fernós and JuanCarlos Zaldívar Juan Carlos Zaldívar (left) as Cuban founding father Jose Martí with Walt Whitman

We also have a fascinating interview with filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldívar, who escaped Cuba in a boat called the Party Girl. His new short, José Martí & I, examines the sexuality of Cuba’s beloved founding father, the political and cultural figure, José Martí.

Was José Martí gay? How is can two very different groups of people who hate each other love the same person?

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    I’m really excited to see the movie about Salvador Dali, you HAVE to tell us about it in the next show!

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