FOF #1002 – Mike Ruiz Captures the Perfect Picture

Jun 11, 2009 · 146872 views

Photographer Mike Ruiz talks about being gay, celebrities.

Mike Ruiz moved to Los Angeles from Canada with the hopes of making it as an actor in Hollywood but quickly discovered his true passion was behind the camera.

Since then, Mike’s photographed some of the biggest names in entertainment- Zac Effron, LL Cool J, the Jonas Brothers, Lindsay Lohan, and Katy Perry.

Also some of your favorites- Kathy Griffin, Dolly Parton, RuPaul and even Miss Piggy.

Kathy Griffin crawled on her hands and knees for a Grammy, and lost to George Carlin. Mike Ruiz's serene photo of LL Cool J Mike Ruiz captures Lindsay Lohan

On today’s show, Mike Ruiz shares with us his Hollywood secrets on being part of the exclusive 10 10’s, working with a high profile clients to take the perfect picture and who inspires him as a photographer.

Jade gets all wetYou may have seen Mike on Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D List and Canada’s Next Top Model or even in RuPaul’s Drag Race, where he put the drag queen constants through a grueling photoshoot in which hot muscle hunks hosed them down.

What is is about drag queens that give us so much joy in seeing them suffer?

Mike takes your questions through Facebook and shares his thoughts on Adam Lambert coming out, working with RuPaul and how social media is changing the way we see photography.

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  1. The new show graphics are snazzy!

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    You should have asked Mike Ruiz how big those guns are? I saw Mike at the Atlanta premiere of Starrbooty and he was such a nice guy and super buff. When I actually talked to him, all I talked about was Dolly Parton. He told me she always comes to photo shoots fully made up and hair(wig) already done. She doesn’t want anyone to see her out of makeup. She also knew exactly how to pose and how to give her best for the camera. he said she was a dream.
    I loved today’s show and also learning that Shannon Doherty has a deformed face.

  3. Drake Patton says:

    Hey M and F, Great interview w/ Mike Ruiz. I’d always thought he’d be full of himself and haughty since he’s SO FUCKIN” HOT! LOL. But I really enjoyed the probing interview on his creative process and energy. He seems pretty cool.

    BTW ‘Losing my Religion’ was directed by Tarsem Singh who did ‘The Cell’ w/ J.Lo.

    Peace, DRAKE

  4. Erik Peterson says:

    Fausto, It’s cool to hear that the “democratization of photography” question has made it into your interviewing repetoire. ~Erik

  5. Xavi says:

    what a great refreshing interview…very clear that famous or not (he is), talented or not (he is), Mike is a beautiful human being inside and out.

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