FOF #1040 – Special Ed

Aug 19, 2009 · 64366 views

Our friend Ed is a little special! He loves large heartless corporate retail stores, pinching pennies and diet cranberry flavored soda.

On today’s show Video blogger GoatHerderEd returns to talk about his love for so-called corporate efficiency and all things that destroy the American cultural landscape.

But deep inside Ed’s a sweet lovable guy who loves making wacky videos about the things he cares about.

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Join us we talk about the news and topics that matters to you most:

A new study UCLA School of Public health reveals that nearly half of of lesbian, gay, and bisexual men and women have seen a therapist in the last year.

Real-life Tranny Krisna Tranny Krishnas confound Indian clerics.

500 Chinese gather to dye their hair black for the world record.

Poop the World, the new iPhone app to chart your bowel movements

Eric Dane’s sex video that doesn’t deliver the goods.

A Chicago gay bar manager allegedly demands his staff attend his birthday party or lose shifts. How the heck do you spin that?

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  1. Michael says:

    haven’t listened yet but – OH NO YOU DIDN’T make him put that can there…are you training him to replace “that” guy at the Street Festivals?

  2. Alfonzo says:

    I don’t know why this particular podcast made me think of a Cleveland Steamer.

    Anyway, I thought the picture of Scary Krishna was kinda, well, scary.

  3. ibox2000 says:

    I enjoyed the show today.
    I love how Ed gets so passionate about mundane shit. I envy his joie de vivre (sp?).

  4. Cincinnati NAMjA says:

    Yea on the cranberry soda…nay onthe corporate stores.

  5. Mark Wilson says:

    @addsimpson only if yr on Vodaphone or, for the last month, O2.

  6. fourthace says:

    I really should read the content tags before I enjoy pizza and fof. LOL. Really guys. POOP? blah. LOL

  7. I’m quite behind in my FOF, but I thought I would stop by and clarify my comment on the last show with Ed. Someone who asks a lot of questions would be called “inquisitive”. Or in Ed’s case “defensive”. Someone who ends every sentence with a question mark, speaks in interrogatives.
    Like, OMG, you guys? There’s, like, this stuff? And I, like, like it? and there’s this other junk? I, like, don’t like it?
    Its a very annoying and passive mode of speech. It’s also annoying to listen to someone regurgitate what they learned in their freshman econ class. His apathy toward the working poor is like the cruelty of a child that kicks puppies: he may or may not know what he’s doing, but either way, the kid’s fucked up.
    Generally, I can tolerate ideas I disagree with, but when someone promotes or condones the suffering of others, it disgusts me. I’ve listened to over a thousand shows and there are only two I didn’t finish. If he had anything remotely noteworthy to say or even a unique way to say it, he wouldn’t have to take his clothes off. meh. Everyone else loves it, so what the fuck do I know?

    • Ed says:

      I appreciate the kinds words Mr Bad Example! And yes, you are quite behind.

      I would love to discuss Wal-Mart with you, but this is hardly the best outlet for that debate. With that said, I must respond to your statement. Where did you get the idea that I condoned and promoted suffering of others? I do not. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that the city in which you live thrives on the suffering of others? Furthermore, it is extremely likely that you shop at stores that have the same labor practices, if not worse, than Wal-Mart. And if not the retailer, the distributor or manufacturer of the goods you buy might also have more apathy towards the working poor than Wal-Mart ever has.

  8. Ka Baggerly says:

    And you covered that very well didn’t you?

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