FOF #1072 – Haunted House

Oct 8, 2009 · 44312 views

Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós pose with ghouls at the Haunted House

We just love Halloween and most things that go bump in the night so we’re going for a horror holiday!

Our good friends Silky Jumbo and Chicago Now Blogger Michael Lehet join us as we visit Cursed Chicago. No, its not a memorial to the 2016 Olympic Games or to the the Cubs’ losing streak, it’s a big tent on Grand Ave featuring a house of horrors.

Along with Silky and the Scooty and Jojo Show, we’re hosting Beast Feast at Cursed Chicago which will showcase some of the best drag, burlesque and performance art in the city as pre-entertainment before you enter the Chronicles of the Cursed.

Listen as we talk to some of the organizers of the event and the monsters that stalked Fausto with live rats.

We’re going to DC this weekend for the National Equality March. We really hope to see you there as we’re meeting up with Chicago’s chapter of Join the Impact northeast corner of Lafayette Square.

Also, join us on Saturday night for Tom Goss’ performance at Miss Pixies Backroom Palace and then afterward at Nellie’s Gay Sports Bar.

We have brand new shirts for sale! The sale of these shirts really helps with the production of our shows and we hope you’ll like them and this show enough to show your support. on today’s show using twitter- Include #fof1072 in your update for it to appear on the site. Learn more about hashtag searches in the Twitter Fan Wiki.



  1. Will Esteban be back or is too embarrassed about his skids?

  2. RoyalXaviour says:

    Unfort. the haunted house didn’t sound too scary, unlike those tracks left behind in the bed. yikes.

    Cool walkthru show though. = )

  3. Doug says:

    Not a fun of non-studio show at all. In the case of FOF #1072… even worse. I’d be ok with just pictures…

  4. Rick says:

    Loved the show guys. I tried to go to the NYC version of this last year. It is called Blood Manor and costs up to $40.00 for a no waiting ticket (a must!) We did not have the no waiting tickets and started waiting on a line at least 3 blocks long. We finally gave up and never saw it.

  5. Joe P says:

    I very much enjoyed the show. I really like the the roaming shows and wish you could do them more often. The conversation with your guests was interesting. The haunted house didn’t sound very scary but it seemed you guys had a good time! The haunted house workers were a bit annoying but oh well.

  6. brian says:

    This was a great episode!!!! I loved that you totally goofed on the workers at the Scare House and that they went along with it! Also, really…hershey highway??? I laughed out loud like a crazy person on the bus. Fantastic and so horribly embarassing. I thought he was married?

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