FOF #1148 – Release the Pressure

Feb 23, 2010 · 66709 views

Marc Felion, Cameron Esposito, Fausto Fernós

Come to our live podcast from Steamworks, March 5, 2010We’re all excited for our up and coming live podcast taped from Steamworks gym, sauna and baths right here in the heart of Boystown, Chicago.

Instead of imagining our audience in their underwear to gain confidence, we’ll be imagining them with their clothes on!

The show includes live performances by some of Chicago’s funniest comedians, Fausto in a low-budget Lady Gaga outfit and Steamwork’s first female performer and today’s guest, comedian Cameron Esposito! How will Cameron deal with doing stand-up in a men’s only club?

Join us as we talk about the upcoming live event and all the hot news.

A British food company applies for patent to make potato chips out of meat.

Shaq as art Sarah Palin and Jamie Foxx cross the picket line to be one of Jay Leno’s first Tonight Show guests.

A man appears to be free of HIV after a dangerous stem cell transplant.

Thousands of young women cheer Smith College’s announcement that Rachel Maddow will deliver the commencement speech.

And Shaquille O’Neil, basketball star and razzie award-winning actor takes a turn as an art curator featuring a show of large art, mostly about him.

Featured Music:
Michelle Malone – Debris: iTunes



  1. I love when Cameron is on the show! She brightens my day!

  2. cjlabella2 says:

    I wish today’s podcast never ended. So glad I discovered you guys!

  3. Cody says:

    The show was hilarious!!!! Cameron is always a delight. The energy among you three is awesome. Loved listening made an hour of work fly by :)

  4. Big Red says:

    awesome show!…it was fab! i laughed A-lot!
    and how great that my wife’s music is at the end!

    thanks y’all!!!


  5. Cliff Dix says:

    Congrats to Cameron for breaking that “no girls” barrier into Steamworks. I always love Cameron. Have a great show.
    Aren’t pork rinds already a meat chip? I see them in the vending machines next to the potato chips all the time. Marc talked about eating peanut butter/potato chip sandwiches. I love them. Frito corn chips are the best with peanut butter.

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