FOF #1149 – The Power of the Group Blog

Feb 24, 2010 · 34422 views

Bil Browning of the Bilerico Project

For gay, lesbian, bi and trans folks the internet has become a vital tool for making political activism more effective. How can you leverage the power of group blogs to get your message out?

Today, we continue our series of interviews with well-known bloggers with long-time LGBT activist and political writer, Bil Browning. He’s the founder and Editor in Chief of the Bilerico Project, one of the nation’s top LGBT community blogs.

Bill works with hundreds of writers to inform and bring about social change by pressuring companies and politicians to stop their hateful practices.

One powerful moment came last year as the Bilerico Project came under attack by the lawyers for RockStar Energy drink for posting an opinion piece about the companies ties to radio hatemonger Michael Savage.

Instead of backing down, Bilerico opened up a can of gay whoop ass, launching a successful boycott of the sugary caffeinated beverage which lead to the company cutting its financial ties to the talk radio host and donating overt 100,000 dollars to further LGBT causes. That’s how you do it!

Listen as we chat with Bil about why bloggers and musicians stay in the closet, the blog swarm targeted at HRC and when to pull the plug on a hot discussion that goes too far.

Plus, what will happen to the Indiana seat now that Senator Bayh has decided not to run for re-election? Also, the changing face of journalism and we even manage to get out of Bil his drag name!

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  1. Galaxy Love says:

    Phenomenal episode. Extremely motivating and is making me want to join Bilerico. Thanks, FOF !!

  2. texas bound says:

    HEY FAUSTO!!!!

    IF your going to texas, Tell all your friends and family (esp registrd republicans) to vote for DEBRA MEDINA!!!!

    DEBRA MEDINA for GOVERNOR!!!!!!!!!

  3. javierjl says:

    Great show! I am loving your series on bloggers so far. Trish was great and so was Bil. I love to hear Bil’s perspective b/c all I’ve been hearing on the news lately is about tea partiers (not the good kind) and the resurgence of conservatism, You guys rock and so does Bil.

  4. Marc Felion says:

    Thanks for the love guys! Please contact your favorite pro-blogger and invite them on the show. We can’t do everyone, but I’d really love to get as many as we can in the coming month.

  5. Scott Trout says:

    Thanks for having Bill on your podcast. I works really hard for the LGBT community in Indiana and the beyond.

  6. Chuck says:

    To your guest who was criticizing people’s grammar:
    It’s, pronounced, eSpecially, not, eXpecially.

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