FOFA #1179 – How to Succeed on Etsy without Really Trying

Jan 4, 2011 · 66836 views

Arts and crafts! Once the domain of lonely housewives, frustrated gay men and tortured children at day camps, the art of making things by hand is having a renaissance on the internet, with sites like Etsy allowing crafts people to make and sell all sorts of fabulous merchandise.

But just like that Arts and Crafts fair at your local community center, many people use the site to connect with others and they find all sorts of colorful ways to get into your business and offer advice or even pick fights over your style and art.

Today we’re joined by visual artist Kenny Stein, who under the alias Brian Kenny makes glittery postcards with vintage images of hunks, pin-up gals, mugshots and circus freaks.

Listen as Kenny shares with us his stories on making it big, fighting with Christian fundamentalists on Etsy and the horrific homemade arts and crafts atrocities featured on the popular blog Regretsy.

Plus all the hot news:

Tortured animals are found on a bestiality farm in Washington State. Will Richard Gere adopt them?

The Supreme Court struggles to understand the difference between emails and pagers in a landmark hearing for employee privacy rights.

Wu Yulu- a Chinese farmer devotes his life to making robots out of scrap materials and is about to unleash his creations on the world.

The popular Hitler parody videos on YouTube are taken down for copyright infringement, even though the fair use videos have increased rentals and purchases of the German-Austrian film Downfall.

And a heated discussion erupts on our site over the originality of Lady Gaga and the creation of culture.

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  1. Killing Helen says:

    Just a word about the site Regretsy mentioned in your pdocast — it’s run by April Winchell who appears to be somewhat transphobic — but is desperately trying to hide it. And her followers really, really hate it when this is mentioned.

  2. seawall says:

    Brian Kenny’s Etsy seems to be on hiatus, but I’ll add him to my Favorites anyway because he seems cool :)

  3. David Dub says:

    Unfortunate circumstances (Web search for more evidence for my lawsuit- I’ll fill u in next time I c u guys) lead me to c that u promoted my album on your website. (:
    Awwwww! That was so sweet! Thanks guys! Only 3 years late – I had no idea tho. Regardless I appreciate it. Made me smile.
    I hope u 2 kids r doing well & that we’ll cross paths again soon. XXO

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