FOF #1324 – Superbowlesque

Feb 7, 2011 · 37952 views

Christina Aguilera always brings them to tears.

First Burlesque, now this! Can Christina Aguilera get anything right? Wonder if Cher noticed how she fumbled the lyrics to the National Anthem at Superbowl XLV.

Not everyone felt the love for the Black Eyed Peas -Tron- inspired Halftime Show.

Today we continue our annual tradition, six years of podcasting to find the juicy tidbits of the nation’s top entertainment and advertising event- the Superbowl.

The best and worst ads- including Living Social’s controversial trans ad and the mini Cooper that couldn’t get enough things stuffed into its boot.

Plus, the Halftime Show- Hello Black Eyed Peas? Daft Punk called- they want their Tron self-illuminating costumes back.

After the game Fox topped things off with one of Glee’s best episodes ever, putting homophobia front and center, yet the show’s only openly gay actor, Chris Colfer was hardly seen on the show or in the Glee branded ads.

How many Golden Globes does a gay need to win to be prominently featured?

Lithuania Blond Island, a fantasy resort, if your idea of a vacation is a high-heel shoe-shaped island full of people in blond wigs.

Join us for this and all the hot news:

An upcoming civil union tracker will ensure that all same and opposite married couples are treated fairly under Illinois law.

A gay slur sparks a bar fight with Shia LaBeouf!

A real life fantasy island may run into a shortage of blond wigs before it sinks into the sea.

and how watching the Superbowl may lower your testosterone.

Featured Music:
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  1. HRHJosh says:

    In Re: “Christina Botches the National Anthem”, Sorry Fausto…. While your right in saying that the song its self is a bit complicated (technically, it’s actually a bit of a mess with the phrasing etc) I don’t think think we needed to the bloggers etc to point in out for us… And in fact, what makes “bloggers” more naturally adept at discerning musical mistakes? My experience is most bloggers report on the “twtter trend” of the minute! :) Memory and memorization is a tricky thing the brain does… You don’t have to be able to recite something correctly to know when someone else hasn’t. :)

    Great show though! :) Dinner Plans to follow! :)

  2. seawall says:

    My best friend back in the US has started listening to FOF! We listened together this morning over Skype, like a pair of bobby-soxers clustered around the radio back in the 40’s. Here’s a choice screen-grab of fangirl squee, as they call it. :)

  3. Fugue says:

    crazy smiling-face girl! ENTHUSIASM.

  4. Stephen says:

    She sang live at the Super Bowl.. usually its recorded in advance, and they lip synch. Remember a year ago when there was all that drama when it was revealed that Jennifer Hudson, and the people 6 years previous, had all lip synched?

    Kudos for her going out and trying her best :)

  5. mododavid says:

    Fausto, Puerto Rico isn’t the only one who will steal a National Anthem melody. In fact, the melody of the US’s patriotic hymn, “My Country Tis of Thee, Of Thee I Sing,” is a ripoff of Britain’s “God Save the Queen.” The video post is evidence.

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