FOF #1377 – Schock and Awe

May 10, 2011 · 147733 views

Republican Aaron Schock has said many times he does not want to be objectified for his killer body, but today the congressman from Illinois almost took it all off for the cover of Men’s Health Magazine to encourage all Americans to take the time to eat, sleep and exercise.

Fight fat and win votes. Muscular, chiseled Republican votes.

No matter what party you identify or don’t identify with, Aaron Schock’s hot tight muscular body is sure to get some BI-partisan support and a reach-around across the aisle.

What’s exactly going on here? Schock is rumored to be in the closet as a gay man, and yet his voting record is clearly anti-gay.

Why did he do this? Is Schock secretly enjoying slapping our faces with his muscle, or does he just want to be loved?

Join us as we talk about this and all the hot news:

Lock your liquor cabinets! Paula Abdul is reunited with Simon Cowell as judges on the next season of the X-Factor.

They told Whitney Houston to go to rehab and she said yes, yes yes.

Steven Tyler not-so-forced feminized cover for Rolling Stone Magazine.

Arnold and Maria are separating, and Susan Lucci’s new career on Desperate Housewives.

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  1. Angela says:

    Aww, you guys. I was going to donate anyway, but now I’m scrutinizing our budget to see how much we can give without having to live on ramen.

    And I suggest everyone else do the same! Consider your entertainment budget, how much you spend on movie tickets, and how many of those movies turn out to be crap! FOF is a worthwhile investment! It’s a gift to yourself and the world!

    Love you guys! <3

  2. Pat Lee says:

    Gawker had a few things to say about “the hottest freshman congressman’s” taste in clothes, as seen here with his white pants, lavender checkered shirt and turquoise belt. As if anyone else’s gaydar hasn’t one off already. Or maybe it was just “dress like your favorite picnic basket” day.

  3. Rayden says:

    Goddammit people cant you just sacrifice one night of going out to the bars or save yourself from buying that dildo and just give the money to FOF, if you just did it once it would help Fausto and Marc so much, they have sacrificed so much for this show that we all enjoy so come on now dont let this go away people

  4. Tim says:

    I agree with Marc, I would only hit Schock if I were to fist him: involve some sort of humiliation. Tie him up and stuff him with a ball gag. That idea actually kind of turns me on. Otherwise, any guy who is a Republican is automatically a complete douche in my eyes and makes him completely unattractive.

  5. Tim says:

    Actually you can tell he is probably not gay because he has skinny legs. Straight guys only work out their upper body, while gay guys work out their legs and ass.

    • You don’t go to my gym, there are tons of “white meat” muscle guys (all breast and wing, no thigh or drumstick.) Honestly, I have no idea how guys manage to create an asymmetrical body like that. I can’t put on any muscle in my chest unless I work my legs just as hard.

      Your body looks very symmetrical I might add Tim!

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