FOF #1497 – A Real Body

Dec 9, 2011 · 82164 views

The sexual revolution has pretty much been won, due in part to the Internet and smart phone apps help people find the sex they are hungry for. But of course the pendulum inevitably swings the other way, and now people are also looking to just date, make new friends and form strong relationships.

Maybe the reason this hot guy doesn't want to show his face is because he doesn't want your boyfriend bugging him.

Like us, our friends Mikey Corona and Brian Riggenbach, the gay couple behind YoSoy, have been in a relationship for many years. What keeps the fire going? What did they give each other for their seven year anniversary? You might be surprised!

Joins us today as we talk about relationships, what it means to have a “real body” and the sex culture of hookup apps and websites.

Why do guys chop off their own heads from their profiles- is it about privacy or are they just bragging about their sweaty muscular bodies?


Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich gets the slammer! 14 years in prison for trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat. Many argue it is still not enough time, and taxpayers will be paying off the money lost under his corruption.

A Chicago lawyer tries to hire a secretary on Craigslist who will also have sex with him.

Gene Simmons says Madonna is not qualified to perform at the Superbowl’s Half Time Show.

And Alec Baldwin shuts down his Twitter account over his tiff with American Airlines.

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  1. Than says:

    They should rename the ‘female’ condom the Santorum Condom. “Don’t get Santorum all over your sheets! Wear a Santorum Condom!”

    Christians like to play the oppressed victim card. They like to pretend that they need special protection, even as they are in the ascendency. It probably has something to do with their arguments being so weak; they need our sympathy.

    Prop 8 was just overturned! FUCK YOU, MORMONS!

  2. Andy says:

    I find all those profils only with body pictures so boring, no idea what kind of problem they have. Kinda like the guys who say they are or only look for “straight acting” guys.

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