FOF #1549 – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Rick Perry

Mar 23, 2012 · 54894 views

Everyone in Austin has a crazy, sexual story about Texas state governor and former republican presidential candidate Rick Perry.

People of all political affiliations hate this guy, so there’s a lot of pressure to come up with dirt on him even before he ran “Strong” his anti-gay campaign ad and YouTube’s most hated video.

Are any of the rumors true, or is this just a way people handle corrupt, sleazy leaders like Perry?

Joining us is talk show host Stephen Rice, who has been anchoring OutCast Austin, KOOP’s local community LGBT radio program for over three years.

Will someone please turn this into a Showgirls sequel?

Stephen recently interviewed Republican Robert Morrow who ran the infamous “Have You Ever Had Sex with Rick Perry?” ad in the Austin Chronicle and Glenn Maxey, the state’s first openly gay representative about the governor’s secret sex life.

Listen as we talk about Austin’s diverse LGBT community and Stephen shares his thoughts on the stories, truths and myths on Texas’s notorious governor Rick Perry.


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  1. Hi, is this show supposed to be FOF #1549? There’s two #1548.

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