FOFA #1459 – Capturing Gay America

Apr 5, 2012 · 95416 views

Photographer Scott Pasfield, author of the photo-book Gay in America.

About two and a half years ago, celebrity photographer Scott Pasfield lost work due to the poor economy so he went on an adventure to travel all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska to capture the stories and photos of everyday gay men.

How can you not love this gay Amish and bear couple?

His book, “Gay in America,” presents a beautiful, diverse look at gay men at their most intimate moments at home. The book is not just a testament to the Scott Pasfield’s ability to bond with his subjects but it also illustrates how the Internet brings gay men from all walks of life together.

Join us as we talk with Scott in the home studio about why he felt it was so important to make a book about gay men and the amazing stories that didn’t make it but are still worth telling.

Listen as we chat about gay Amish couples, unusual love triangles, “forever aloners,” the quiet dignity of brave every day folks and the work of Richard Avedon.

Also, how do you cope with your subjects when they have a change of heart or even die.

And, did Scott hook up with any of the guys in his book? Find out!

Plus all the hot news-

Anna Grodzka becomes the first openly trans woman to be elected to the Polish Parliament.

Rosie O’Donnell returns to TV, should we give the tormented talk show host a break?

Actors in zombie make-up confuse the hell out of paramedics in Torornto after a platform collapses on the set of the new film sequel “Resident Evil.”

And too hot for NPR– Ira Glass’ sex tape.

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