FOF #1633 – Deven Green’s Gold Medal Winning Sexy Stories

Aug 9, 2012 · 129108 views

With all the Olympic hotties showcasing their talents right now, the world seems to be more turned by their sexy athletic bodies than their almost supernatural athletic abilities.

Perfect time for a little Olympic erotic fan fiction! Today the hilarious Deven Green, who has quite a filthy potty mouth, graces us with an original slash fiction story of ice skating champion Johnny Weir in a crazy tea room extravaganza.

Listen as Deven plays her new ukulele songs and fills in the blanks in our sexy mad libs game.

Honestly, I've never seen the Olympics in any other way.


What if all Olympic Sports were photographed like women’s volleyball?

Gold medal winning cutie Matthew Mitcham plays the “Family Guy” theme shirtless on YouTube.

An Olympic Rower denies have boner during his medal ceremony.

Scary phallic fish and eels from the Amazon.

And an in-depth discussion on happiness.


  1. Angela says:

    Waaay behind on my podcast-listening, still, but yay for another great Deven Green episode! Does she still call people who order her t-shirts, and if so, would she call as far as New Zealand? I’m saving my cents at the moment, but I want to support her delightful delirium as much as I do Feast of Fun!

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