FOF #1659 – The Curse and Blessing of Reality TV

Sep 17, 2012 · 176394 views

People often think that becoming famous overnight will fill that big gaping hole inside them. You know, that hole that’s normally filled with delicious cupcakes, booze and cocks.

Many folks dream of being on Reality TV, unaware that they may already be living their dream life, and forgotten to celebrate the fabulous things they already have.

Would being on reality TV really make things better for you, or is it just putting your soul on lay-a-way for the devil?

In many ways Big Ang's rack is a blessing and a curse.

Today, Chef Jamie Laurita and his partner Rich Lane, who most recently got married on the Real Housewives of New Jersey join us to talk about the ins and outs of being a reality TV star.

Besides their family connections, Jamie’s developed friendships with reality TV divas, like Michelle Visage from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the differently beautiful voluptuous “Big Ang” from Mob Wives, who really isn’t really married to the mob.

Join us for this and all the hot news–

A single mother and gender studies professor at Washington, D.C.’s American University defends breastfeeding her toddler during class.

Will Google’s double standard when it comes to arbitrating hate speech on YouTube come back to bite the company in the ass?


  1. I must say this show was very entertaining. It made me laugh but it also made me sad. It’s pretty bad when train wrecks are adored with attention. It is said if we want to know what kind of person we are then we should look around and see what kind of people we have in our lives or gravitate towards. I guess if you set you standard lower or equal to yourself then you really don’t have to grow or better yourself. Sad. This is not helping people evolve.

  2. 300fromRyan says:


    I always cut myself shaving, so when you shave with coconut oil, what do you do exactly? Just lather it on your face and shave from there?

  3. WHO ARE ALL THESE CRAZY PEOPLE???!!! What a delightful show! I can’t believe you did a show with five people screaming all together at the same time, and we can actually understand what you were saying! What delightful guests! Jamie Laurita, Rich Lane, and their friend Roberta are really wonderful. Congrats to the guys on their marriage! PLEASE can we get Big Ang on the show? And if not, PLEASE do some more Big Ang impersonations! (Maybe you could also have her handsome son on the show!!!)

  4. brixtondawg says:

    i just got to that bit about Kate Middleton ans her ‘royal subjects’ and my partner just got in from the gym saying “did you know … Kate Middleton is an anagram of ‘Naked tit model’ ? ”

    talk about timing

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