FOFA #1717 – The Ballad of Tammie Brown

Jan 25, 2013 · 108354 views

Tammie Brown – photos by Jose A Guzman Colón and Dustin Cunningham – layout by Fausto Fernós

Michael Catti and Tammy Brown serve up open mic Guatemalan cofeee house realness.

Although Tammie Brown was eliminated early on during the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, audiences never forgot this oddball drag queen who seemed to be the spiritual love child of Andy Kaufman and Marlene Dietrich.

Of all the queens we’ve ever had, no one has gotten more requests than Tammie Brown, probably because nobody knows the man inside this wild woman, until now.

Christmas miracles do happen, and today Tammie Brown joins us for a very special live music session, over the phone with her friend guitarist Michael Catti.

Listen as Tammie talks about her friendship with Nina Flowers, the origins of her unique style and catch phrases and all the behind the scenes drama that unfolded on Drag Race All-Stars.


  1. Jafet says:

    Omg! Guys your Spanish is awesome! I’m a Spanish speaker from Costa Rica! Haha I was impressed when Tammy said she lived here! Fausto your Spanish rocks! I was like aawwe they’re speaking Spanish! Gotta love’em. Cheers from Costa Rica I always listen to your podcasts you guys are so funny! Love you!

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