FOF #1775 – How to Please Yo’ Man

Apr 12, 2013 · 92929 views

Spring is in the air! And so is romance. We know you want to make your lover as happy as you can, so today we’re looking a ways to connect with your loved ones and give them what they need.

The she-larious Meredith Kachel is on today’s show to look at how to get the sex you want in your relationship without suffocating your loved one.

Join us for this all the hot news:

British police are now classifying violence towards alternative subcultures, like Emo teens, as a hate crime.

I’m sure that eye make-up qualifies as a form of manslaughter.

Who knew Eden Foods, the makers of soy milk were right-wing conservatives?

The National Hockey League issues a statement welcoming all LGBT players and fans, saying “hockey is for everyone.”

Everyone knows that the best HIV awareness ads have naked hockey players showing off their muscular rumps.

Male, female and even transgender bell peppers don’t really exist.

And Mark Regnerus, the man behind the the flawed study on gay parenting is now acting as an anti-gay activist and not a scientist at all.


  1. Fun show! Meredith is a great guest. Nice hearing about her current and her ex-boyfriends!

  2. Reneecamp says:

    I like the idea of seeing someone you’re dating only a few times a week and then using the rest of your time to cultivate your own life and interests. It’s so important to have your own social circle and hobbies, while making time for your SO. I find when I’m dating someone, my whole routine gets interrupted, so it makes a lot of sense to take a lot of time for yourself in a relationship.

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