FOF #1789 – Alaska Wins!

May 6, 2013 · 123291 views

Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx Monsoon aren’t too pleased they lost to Alaska.

The world is holding its breath as tonight RuPaul will crown America’s Next Drag Superstar. Although Jinkx Monsoon, the singing sweetheart from Seattle is this season’s most popular gal, RuPaul might not pick her the winner and instead give the grand prize to Alaska Thunderf***.

This is what Alaska and Sharon’s cat would look like the next day.

Today we take you on a behind the scenes of the taping of the season finale, where, like last year, they taped every possible outcome and edited it into one hot delicious show.

That bath towel gown on Alaska does make me worry a little.

Plus we get into a conversation with Paris, a listener from Alabama about outrage, racism and humor.

Who knew that Paris and Alaska were so close to each other. Paris hardy and Alaska Thunderfvck at Mobile Pride.

Join us for this and all the hot news:

Detox outshines most of the world’s top queens with her black and white-face makeup.

The Chinese government tries to block any news about their penis shaped building.

Looks like the Chinese use the same word for penis as they do for building.

Danish Scientists say they might have a cure for AIDS in months.

And for a brief moment, hackers convince everyone on Twitter that Justin Beiber is gay.

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  1. Bryce says:

    I’m black and I found the Bebee Zahara Benet joke HILARIOUS. I think we as a society are way too sensitive. There’s a major difference between a harmless joke versus someone who is being mean-spirited and racist. People note the difference! I’m sorry you guys suffered a minor backlash for a joke that’s hilarious. Love you Marc and Fausto!

    • Love you back Bryce! My brother from another mother.

      I feel so bad for Alaska! :( But I’m happy for Jinkx. Hopefully she won’t be saying “water off a duck’s back” over and over again now that she’s the crowned winner.

  2. Bryce says:

    The reunion was simply exquisite. SPOILER ALERT. As I mentioned prior, whether Alasky or Jinxxy won … I would have been happy. Alaska looked absolutely breath-taking in her short, P!nk-esque wig and Jinxx looked glamorous as well. But here are the true awards of the night:

    Monica Beverly Hillz. She looked beautiful in that dress. Very soft and feminine for someone who is self-described as ghetto. I was not a fan of her style during her run on this season but she really looked amazing.
    HONORABLE MENTION goes to Coco Montrese (even though my mom says she looked like a Preying Mantis). At least the makeup was less TANG-y.

    Penny Tration. Somebody please tell me how this queen ended up on Drag Race in the first place??? That outfit was awful. It reminded me of when Mystique Summers Madison wore those curtains wrapped around her like a bath towel in season 2. And that wig. Yuck.
    HONORABLE MENTION: Jade Jolie. Maybe I just don’t get her style but she was too much and she clashed with all the other queens.

    Honey Mahogany. Yet another caftan. I was so over here. And her whole big reveal. Meh.
    HONORABLE MENTION: Vivienne Panay. Ru-Ru was right to vote these two off at the same time. She should have had the Pit Crew escort them out of the theater.

    Detox. O.M.G. Not even the post on here of her in black and white face could prepare me for what she looked like. She looked gorgeous and had she been in the Top 3 and she lost, I would ave demanded a recount! Detox brought her A-Game to the reunion. I was so proud of her.
    HONORABLE MENTION: Miss Ivy Winters. Honestly I expected nothing less from arguably the most polished of the queens this season. I was glad she won Miss Congeniality.

    And last but not least:
    ALASKA: Loved both looks. Loved the wig for the second look. I loved how she got choked up when talking about Sharon. She was so poised and professional on that stage. If the crown had been given to her I would have said ‘Well done.’

    JINXX: You’ve come a long way baby! I thought Jinxx was beautiful but I thought a few of her jokes fell flat unlike Alaska. But still she brought her own charm and personality. It was great to see her brother and mom in the audience. She had the best opening look while Alaska had the best final look.

    ROXXY: I don’t hate her like I did Phi Phi O’Hara. Unlike Phi Phi, Roxxy seemed humbled by all the backlash she received. I found neither of her looks on par with the other two. The major disappointment was her final look’s wig. I mean she was rocking some Michelle Visage hair but Roxxy is still a big girl and she needed some height and some width. She reminded me of how Dida Ritz always wore realistic hair instead of the big kind. I don’t think anyone expected her to win. Sorry about it baby! Maybe Auntie Ru will put you in a big, pink box next year!

    OVERALL Yea for Jinxx Monsoon and Ivy Winters and all the girls, past, present and most definitely future!

  3. Moonson says:

    Great comments on science guys!

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