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FOF #2281A - Worst Houseguests Ever - 01.29.16

FOF #2281A – Worst Houseguests Ever

We meet a lot of wonderful people in the home studio while taping this podcast, but sometimes guests go from being a dream to a nightmare.

Today we’re talking about the WORST houseguests ever! People who got too drunk, raunchy and wild on the show, and assholes who were just too damn rude.

Joining us is the very fabulous Cody Melcher, podcaster to the literary stars, who, like us, often has strangers in his home.

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FOF #2281B - Worst Houseguests Ever - 01.29.16

FOF #2281B – Worst Houseguests Ever

In part two of “Worst Houseguests Ever” with Cody Melcher we continue our discussion on terrible houseguests who can’t seem to find the toilet.

Plus, will Madonna allow her weave to get snatched in the new version of Valley of the Dolls?

And Kiki, the new Paris is Burning is taking Sundance by storm.

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FOF #2274A - Ready to Party - 01.19.16

FOF #2274A – Ready to Party

Working in media, we get many hilarious requests from publicists, but our friend Robyn Pennachia, who writes about popular culture and all things girly for The Frisky got an oddball press inquiry asking her “Is your vagina a party vagina?”

Sounds intriguing right? Sadly, it was a sex-shaming plug for vaginal rejuvenation that involved lasers and the detestable Real Housewives franchise.

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FOF #2274B - Is Your VaReady to Party - 01.19.16

FOF #2274B – Is Your VaReady to Party

In part two of our podcast – “Is Your Vajayjay Ready To Party?” we continue talking about ways to make your genitals look and feel great.”

Listen as we continue talking about the science behind man-spreading, why some guys spread their legs wide on buses and movie seats.

And the tragic lives of people who go on the Judge Judy show.

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FOF #2250 - Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars - 11.12.15

FOF #2250 – Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars

Pretty much all of your favorite drag queens have been at one time or another photographed by San Francisco’s very own José Alberto Guzman Colón.

You’ve probably seen his work in Peaches Christ’s movie posters or plastered over many drag queens’ Facebook pages.

Today José Alberto Guzman Colón joins us to talk about the outpouring of support he received after getting all his camera equipment stolen and how to bring out the best in a drag queen’s photo shoot.

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FOF #2238 - Ivy Winters Flaps Her Wings and Flies - 10.22.15

FOF #2238 – Ivy Winters Flaps Her Wings and Flies

A big stage can be a very intimidating place for a drag queen used to performing in small clubs, unless you’re Ivy Winters, whose stilt walking, juggling butterfly performance fills the stage with color and spectacle.

Today Ivy Winters joins us from her home in rural Michigan to talk about being on Watch What Happens Live, RuPaul’s Battle of the Seasons, infused vodkas and creating whimsical taxidermied mice.

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FOF #2224 - Bitch It’s Vivacious - 09.30.15

FOF #2224 – Bitch It’s Vivacious

Mother has arrived! When Miley Cyrus danced with 30 drag queens at the VMAs, one queen with a giant yellow wig and sick-o-ning dance moves stood out- the electrifying Vivacious.

Listen as we kiki with Vivacious about the grueling week long rehearsals with Miley that led to the glorious show.

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FOF #2223 - Madonna is Coming - 09.28.15

FOF #2223 – Madonna is Coming

Brace yourselves, Madonna is coming to a city near you. Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is her biggest show yet, chock full of sexually ambiguous costumes, homoerotic choreography, punk tongue wagging, pole dancing and Madonna playing the guitar and getting crucified.

Bitch, it’s Madonna, what else did you expect?

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FOF #2219 - Me Talk Pretty Every Day - 09.21.15

FOF #2219 – Me Talk Pretty Every Day

You’ve heard the expression butch on the streets, femme in the sheets, but some guys are butch on the streets, femme in their speech, so much so that they get mistaken for a women while talking on the phone.

Our guest today is Chicago drag queen Alexis Bevels, who presents as guy most of the time, but sounds like a woman almost all of the time, even when he’s trying to butch it up!.

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FOF #2214 - I Survived Up with People - 09.10.15

FOF #2214 – I Survived Up with People

As crazy as it sounds, in the mid 1960s, the right wing group Moral Re-Armament created Up with People,

The Madonna Bar Mitzvah voguing boy, Shaun Sperling, returns to tell us about his life in a musical cult- Up with People, which aimed to bridge cultures through song and dance. But in reality, it was a conservative effort to thwart liberal youth movements in the 60s.

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