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FOF #2103 - My Year as Mister Leather - 01.22.15

FOF #2103 – My Year as Mister Leather

It’s been a whirlwind year for leatherman Miguel Torres, the adorable Venezuelan hunk who got to represent the Windy City as Mr. Chicago Leather 2014. His reign is now coming to an end and is now ready to sashay away with his sash.

Today Señor Cuero Miguel Torres joins us to take a look at his year in leather and WOOF! he’s fallen in love, and takes us for a walk on his new relationship as a pup handler.

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FOF #2094 - Working for Joan Rivers - 12.16.14

FOF #2094 – Working for Joan Rivers

Comedian Nadya Ginsburg is quite the chameleon. She’s able to flawlessly transform herself into not just Madonna, but also Britney Spears, Winona Wider, Jennifer Lopez and Cher in her hilarious web series the Madonnalogues.

But did you know, Nadya worked for several years as a writer for the late comedy icon Joan Rivers? Listen as Nayda talks about what it was like to write for the queen of comedy.

FOF #2078 - Divas Defining Moments - 11.06.14

FOF #2078 – Divas Defining Moments

Gay men love their divas. Whenever Cher, Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga do a concert, gay neighborhoods are ghost towns as we flock to stadiums.

Today New York’s Bob the Drag Queen joins us to take a look at our favorite divas and the defining moments that propelled their careers into the realm of legend.

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FOF #1970 - We L.U.V. Madonna for Being Ridiculous - 04.16.14

FOF #1970 – We L.U.V. Madonna for Being Ridiculous

Probably no other pop star has been more parodied than Madonna, and nobody pulls off a more flawless job than Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1000 voices.

Today, Nadya joins us to take a look at Madonna’s hilariously ridiculous skincare product line, her surprise aerobics class in Toronto and her new upcoming Madonnalouge webseries.

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FOF #1926 - How to Marry a Rich Man - 01.29.14

FOF #1926 – How to Marry a Rich Man

People usually think that folks who are obsessed with the income of the guys they date are tacky, dismissing them as gold-diggers. But one of the most common reasons couples break up is because of financial hardship.

Mo’ money brings mo’ problems, but being broke ain’t one of them.

Joining us today, is the Human Ken Doll– Justin Jedlica, who despite his humble origins, personally financed all his plastic surgery and recently married a very wealthy man.

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FOF #1925 - Inside the Grammys' Big Gay Wedding - 01.27.14

FOF #1925 – Inside the Grammys’ Big Gay Wedding

Madonna said history was made at the Grammys last night. Queen Latifah married 33 couples of “every key and every color” in a Moonie style mass ceremony during a performance of Mackelmore’s anthem “Same Love.”

Wonder what that might have been like? Today singer Robyn Monks, who married her husband in that epic wedding performance, joins us to give us a behind the scenes look.

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FOF #1921 - The Death of Dr. V - 01.21.14

FOF #1921 – The Death of Dr. V

A firestorm has erupted over an ambitious reporter who was writing a story about an amazing new golf club only to discover it’s inventor Dr. V had falsified her educational background and that she was transgender. After telling the inventor that he would include his findings in the story, Dr. V commited suicide.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the death of transgender inventor Dr. V and why journalist Caleb Hannan coldly peeled back the layers of this woman’s life.

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FOF #1903 - Lose a Pinky, Win Marriage Equality - 11.22.13

FOF #1903 – Lose a Pinky, Win Marriage Equality

It’s official! Governor Pat Quinn just signed the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, making Illinois the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage!

Hundreds of couples, families, and politicians joined us to watch the celebratory signing where we ran into our hilarious friend Tommy Holl, who recently beat cancer on his left pinky finger. No joke, his little pinky finger was trying to kill him. Tommy won and the little digit is now history.

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FOF #1897 - Million Dollar Body Parts - 11.14.13

FOF #1897 – Million Dollar Body Parts

Everyone knows insurance is a huge racket. You pay money over the years and then they use any excuse to weasel out on your claim. Celebrities have more disposable cash than common sense, so some have insured their asses to protect their assets.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to pick through the random body parts celebrities get insured for millions and billions of dollars.

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FOF #1889 - Homecoming Queen's Got a Musical - 10.31.13

FOF #1889 – Homecoming Queen’s Got a Musical

When Julie Brown’s song “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” first came out, it seemed ridiculous for a teenager to bring a gun to school to kill everyone.

Boy have times changed. Julie Brown’s hit song is being turned into a full musical now running in L.A. with Drew Droege as Debbie the murderous homecoming queen and Marsian Dellis as Nancy Reagan.

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