Get Your Favorite Diva to Host SNL

May 10, 2010 · 8898 views

Because it was such a huge success and gave us such great television, this week dozens of Facebook groups have popped up asking the producers of Saturday Night Live to pick their favorite diva to host the show. Blogger James St. James says why not let (random gay icon) host SNL!

What they really need to add more diversity into their cast by including a regular silver lady (or guy) in the group. Or they can just get Admiral Ackbar to host all their shows and save a ton of money.

Here are some of the funny ladies people are rooting for. Who are yours? I think Carol Burnet would be a scream. Go team Carol!

Carol Burnett

Liza Minelli – 925 Likes

Rue McClanahan – 4020 Likes

Phyllis Diller – 223 Likes

Carol Channing – 1033 Likes


  1. GrrrlRomeo says:

    I’d rather not go with divas. I like nice gay people. Rachel Maddow for SNL Host currently has 783 Likes.

  2. Andy Hopkin says:

    I think Carol Burnette would be a great choice to host SNL. She is hillarious!!!

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