“Dirt: the Filthy Reality of Everyday Life” Exhibit Opens in London

Mar 25, 2011 · 13476 views

Monster Soup is the new name for a mosh pit at a Lady Gaga concert.

A new exhibit opens, Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life, in London.

According to Visit London, “Dirt is both a serious health risk and vital to our existence, yet it has long been something of a taboo.”

Some of the highlights at the Wellcome exhibit:
A home in cleanliness-obsessed 17th-century Delft in Holland
The slums of Soho in Victorian London
A Glasgow hospital in the 1860s, transformed by Joseph Lister’s introduction of antiseptic surgery
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, in the early 20th century – later drawn into Nazi policies of racial purity and ethnic cleansing
A Dalit community in modern-day New Delhi
A New York landfill site set to become a public park by 2030
The 200 objects on display include art, documentary photography, film, literature and scientific artefacts.

I hope they will include footage from Pink Flamingoes where drag queen Divine strives to be one of the “The Filthiest People Alive.”

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