Blake Skjellerup Defends Justin Bieber

May 10, 2011 · 46659 views

Blake Skjellerup Defends Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in center and Blake on the far right

FOF’s favorite Kiwi Olympian Blake Skjellerup got to (briefly) meet Justin Bieber on the start of his world tour in Melbourne last week. He writes of the experience that while the young pop star might be “uninformed and uneducated” on some matters (abortion, homosexuality, Lady Gaga’s sartorial choices…), he is hard-working and inspiring to many young people. Additionally, halfway through his show Justin brought out Casey Heynes onstage (the kid who became notable on YouTube for snapping and laying the smackdown on a bully), using his high profile to draw attention to the plight of bullied kids everywhere.

(Guess that egg-tosser didn’t want It to Get Better.)

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