PHOTO: iHop Superhunk Waiter Makes Everyone Order the Fresh and Fruity Pancakes

Jan 20, 2012 · 167346 views

Some guys are so hot, they look great even in unflattering camera angles and corporate polyester uniforms. The internet’s getting excited by this hunky muscular waiter at a undisclosed iHop. I’m sure orders for sausage have doubled since he started working.

Someone even created a Facebook group about the hunky waiter to crowdstalk him. Whatever happened to leaving your number with a 50% tip?

I certainly hope that having super hot waiters isn’t the sign of a bad economy, cause this guy makes it look like we’re economically screwed.

Thanks to Queerty for this one!


  1. Cole says:

    Hey, don’t knock it. That’s how I met my ex-husband. He was my waiter at IHOP, I thought he was cute, we got together; and well, the “ex” explains it all.

  2. Geoff says:

    As a matter of fact, a prettier service industry IS a sign of economic collapse.

  3. good lord those arms….

    he has a cute face too…but those arms….

    I seem to have developed a arm-fetish yes…

  4. DutchChubby says:

    He may ihop me everyday. I love a nice hot steamy pancake……

  5. Federico says:

    Wow!!! Couldn’t he move to the bar I have breakfast at every morning before work?
    The only waiter there is there is an old guy with frightening tight pants that show more than you’ve ever wanted to see.

  6. 300fromRyan says:

    Breakfast 7 days a week. =v9

  7. Jake says:

    He’s just gorgeous cupcakes!!! I’d take him home any time… uh, just the apron please.. (maybe we can find a hotter apron for him) *melts* SOOOO HOT!!

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