George Bush Can’t Leave the Country!

Feb 6, 2011 · 47549 views

George Bush Can’t Leave the Country!

Apparently, George Bush was planning to attend a fundraiser as the keynote speaker in Geneva, Switzerland for a Jewish group.  When a human rights group found out, they prepared a 2,500 page document indicting him for war crimes.  They figured that Switzerland would arrest him (because unlike the US, Switzerland takes their international responsibilities and war criminals seriously.)  The Jewish group found out and warned him, and he cancelled the trip.  Who snitched?!


  1. Andy says:

    I appreciate what the human right group did.

    But Switzerland is not much better. Where do you think all the Nazi Gold went before the end of WW2? Almost every dictator has some assets in Switzerland, most of the $30 Billion Mubarak owns is deposited in Switzerland. And not to forget how conservative,racist and arrogant they can be in Switzerland, it is like Germany 50 years ago. Not only they are afraid of and racist towards people of other cultures but also of their German neighbours as the number of German speakers is growing in Switzerland.

  2. kenhp1 says:

    Great justice for a worm of a man. He has in fact admitted that he ordered prisoners at Guantanamo bay to be tortured. He said about torturing a certain prisoner “you’re damn right I ordered it”. The subject was water boarding.
    I really wish George and Dick could be arrested here in America and extradited to The Hague for war crimes.

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