Attendee of Gay Kiss-In in Alsip Harassed and Threatened

Jun 8, 2010 · 86193 views

Gay Kiss

A gay “kiss-in” took place at a Mexican restaurant in a south suburb of Chicago over the weekend to protest the alleged homophobic behavior of the restaurant manager.

Sadly, the sign up sheet for the event was stolen and at least one participant on the list was later harassed and threatened with lawsuits over the phone.

From the Facebook newsletter sent by GLN-

We have received at least one report of an attendee at Friday’s Kiss-In receiving a phone call from someone purporting to be from the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) making threatening remarks about Kiss-Iners being on the receiving end of a potential lawsuit from La Fiesta Azteca due to “loss of business.”

Please understand that if you receive such a phone call, it is NOT coming from anyone at GLN. During the latter part of our Kiss-In or immediately after it, someone at Fiesta Azteca apparently picked up the GLN sign-up clipboards from a table in the restaurant and has used them to make these false phone calls while impersonating being a GLN member.

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