Happy Pride Y’all!

Jun 24, 2010 · 6695 views

Happy Pride y’all!

I’m traveling the Midwest this week, so I’ve got an abbreviated politics update. I just wanted to ask:

What LGBT issues most concern you?

  • Is it employment issues?
  • Relationship Recognition?
  • Bullying?
  • Hate Crimes?
  • Homelessness?
  • Immigration?

Comment on the politics issues that you think our community should be moving forward on next.

Do me another favor at Pride, too, will you?

Talk to your friends about that issue. If you’re passionate about marriage equality, ask your friends how they feel about it, and what they’re doing to try to move it forward. Employment non-discrimination or Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Ask your friends if they know it’s legal to fire someone gay in almost half of the states in the USA, and legal to fire someone transgender in 2/3rds of the states. Ask them what they think we can do to fix this.

Post your comments here and let’s see where we are all at–



  1. RyanJustice says:

    I”m really glad there is a lot of emphasis right now on ENDA. I’m all for marriage equality, but in the grand scheme of things, its such a superficial equality that I fear what may happen when we actually achieve this. Will all this marriage equality fervor transfer to another cause? Or will “one issue activists” be just that, one timers.

  2. ameriqueer says:

    Right on, Ryan. I think people–especially people living comfortably in a state like ours where they are protected in employment and housing–forget that in 23 states you can be fired for being gay, and in over 2/3rds of all states, you can be fired for BEING transgender. Its awful. Folks have to remember that while relationship recognition may locally be the next logical step in a state like Illinois, federally there are other things we can do that can help more people across the board. We can’t forget that.

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