VIDEO: All-Male College Student A Capella Version of Bad Romance

May 10, 2010 · 89319 views

On the Rocks, the University of Oregon’s premiere all male a cappella ensemble put together a fabulous rendition of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” Considering it was done outdoors in plaid capri pants and flip flops, this acapella cover is really remarkable.

On May 15 the group will be performing a 10th anniversary spring show at First Baptist church in Eugene, Oregon. There will be special alumni guests as well as farewells to many members of OtR from 2006-2010!


  1. Ehem, Lady Gaga is a BEAR!!!! Several bears!!! Wow. I love it!

  2. Marc Felion says:

    Every chorus has a slut- so which one’ is it?

  3. CDemon1502 says:

    Do I have to pick one?

  4. Delena Winter says:

    This video cracks me up every time i see it… you guys are amazing lol…. LOVE IT!!!

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