VIDEO: How Do You Spell Delicious?

May 15, 2010 · 29168 views

How do yo u spell delicious? G-Y-L-L-E-N-H-A-A-L.

Apparently it turns out no one knows how to pronounce actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s last name especially the people who he shares the screen in his action film debut “Prince of Persia.”

Anyone going to see his new movie? I forgot how sexy Mr. Brokeback Mountain was.


  1. Daniel says:

    Mmmm! If I’m going to marry Jake I better learn how to say my new last name. Eeeoyelluahlly? He has never look as hot as he does today. Prince of Persia, be my KING!

  2. Completely agree, Fausto. As far as I’m concerned, him and Ewan McGregor are the two most sexy men alive.

  3. Heath Bruce says:

    God damn it… so I learned to pronounce JILL-in-HALL for no reason?

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