VIDEO: Kathy Griffin vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Jun 15, 2010 · 74463 views

Kathy Griffin appeared on “The View” today to promote her new season of her reality TV show “My Life on the D-List” and got into a hot exchange with conservative douche bag Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Who doesn’t love a celebrity cat fight?

Things got ugly when they butted heads over comments Griffin has made in the past about the hosts of “The View.”

“You said things about people here that are A. untrue and B. not so funny. So, do you ever feel weird, like, then coming here and sitting here and promoting things?” Hasselbeck asked.

“Actually,” Griffin said. “this moment is what I live for, so bring it!”

My favorite moment came right after Kathy Griffin responded to Elizabeth Hasselbeck icy comments: “Is there anything else you wanna say Elisabeth Hasselbeck? ‘cuz it’s just getting good.”

So much we can learn from Kathy Griffin, like how you deal with bullies.


  1. Rick A says:

    Just when I think I can’t possibly love Kathy more, she goes and does this. Kathy ROCKS. :)

  2. Edward says:

    I love Kathy, and she showed so much restraint. It could have been a lot worse, and I wish it had been! Elizabeth is too tightly wound and had a puss on her face the whole time. Ugh!

  3. Marc Felion says:

    Kathy’s smart, at that point what’s Elizabeth really going to say where she doesn’t come off as a cry baby.

  4. DisneyDork69 says:

    “You said things about people here that are A. untrue and B. not so funny…”…what’s the matter Elizabeth…Kathy is only doing what YOU DO on The View…please GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

  5. Cole says:

    You go, Ms. Kathleen; goddamni! TIP IT!!

  6. Curtis says:

    Since Elizabeth lies on the show every day parroting patently false Republican talking points with the regularity of a cuckoo clock it is rich for her to accuse (without a single example) Kathy of saying things that are “untrue”. And Miss Stick up your Cunt Hasselbeck, I assure you, when Kathy talks about you inauthentic broads on the View, it is fucking hilarious!

  7. Dugaldo says:

    Live for those moments Kathy

  8. BBJ says:

    kathy shut elisabeth down… Elisabeth is such a big mouth… but when kathy said bring it she crossed her arms and shut up… she knew she was out classed and was bout to get a IQ beatdown.. YAY kathy.

  9. Kirk DeVincentis says:

    Kathy was about to rip Elizabeth a new one!!! I’m surprised that bigoted, right wing bitch shut her fat mouth. I almost wish she hadn’t. That would’ve made for great TV…Kathy Griffin tearing apart Elizabeth Hasselbeck on national TV. “You can buy that kind of press!”

  10. MaxT says:

    She is wonderful, fantastic, the ultimate essence of greatness!

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