VIDEO: Julia Sweeney’s Eight-Year-Old Daughter Explains Anal Sex to Her.

Apr 9, 2011 · 128117 views

This is the funniest video ever.  Your funny bone is missing if you don’t laugh at this.

Julia describes sex as a Sewage Treatment Plant next to an Amusement Park to her curious daughter.  Then, she introduces her daughter to internet porn.  Her daughter, Mulan, then extrapolates what gay sex must be like and explains it to her mother.  LOL  Finally, Mulan is completely stumped by lesbian sex and cannot figure that one out!!  LMAO!!!!!


  1. andy windy says:

    I cannot believe that that was real lol. OMG, that was a hell of a situaltion. Laugh so hard

  2. Michael says:

    THAT was hilarious!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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