VIDEO: America’s 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

Oct 10, 2011 · 13909 views

America’s best Christian Betty Bowers is back with a scathing new video taking a look at people’s hypocrisy when it comes to following their own religious beliefs. Written by Andrew Bradley and narrated by Deven Green, check out some these awesome moments like seeing Betty in a tank and the best quote of the video:

“You know what makes Jesus resent the crucifixion? You! Because he told you to give everything you own to the poor. Of course, He WAS poor. To which rich Americans responded: you knew I didn’t like to be read orders, but I would like to order a new red Porsche!

After all, if we give all our money to the poor, they’d be rich and we’d be poor, so we’d have to give it all right back to us! We just save a step and keep it. Trust me. You can’t be both Capitalist and Christian if you don’t have the stones to outsmart commie Christ.”


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