Video: Jonah Mowry – Price of Bullying

Dec 5, 2011 · 13547 views

Video: Jonah Mowry – Price of Bullying

By now I suspect that most people have seen the Jonah Mowry video but I didn’t see any comments on FoF so thought I would post a link here.

This story breaks my heart.  Fortunately Jonah had the courage and strength to share the video with his family and close friends.  The latest update is that his parents have accepted him and he is doing better.  It took a lot of courage to post this glimpse into the pain a 13 year old was experiencing due to bullying.  My hope is that parents will see the pain and loss caused by ignoring bullying and take action.


P.S., Fausto it would be interesting to hear his story on the Podcast.


  1. Marc Felion says:

    Things have improved for him since he posted that video 4 months ago.

  2. Zoomer says:

    Some of the video responses that show up after you view Jonah’s video are really sweet. People can be such assholes, especially on youtube, but, if nothing else, this shows that there are still good people out there. It gives you a little hope I guess!

  3. Polo Drew says:

    @Zoomer. So true, there have been so many touching replies to the original video. There have even been some videos posted by men in support of his video.

    More touching, Jonah’s mom was interviewed by ABC News this morning. See:

  4. Polo Drew says:

    There was a really sweet follow-up story on LGBTQNatiion today on this.

    A very sweet video posted by a brave young man in support of Jonah and other victims of anti-gay bullying.

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