VIDEOS: Gay Kids With Cards

Dec 13, 2011 · 46604 views

The gay kids with cards are making a showing on YouTube by telling their story about being bullied in schools.

This kid in this video is getting through the misery of being picked on in school with the support of his friends and his mom. He has a support system which can really get you through the tough times.

I love that he used Sarah McLachlan’s music in his video which is so closely associated with the inhumane treatment of animals. This pic says it all-


  1. agrimi01 says:

    I’ve seen this trend on YouTube. Seeing these videos bring back very painful memories of my time in school. How I managed through the name-calling, tormenting, spitting, beatings, etc. I don’t know. I wish I could take all of these kids and give them great big hugs. I’m glad that some have people that they can go to, and I wish I could be there somehow for the ones that don’t.

    While “It Gets Better” is well intended and a great start, we also need to focus on the “NOW.” That it gets better in the future is one thing, but these kids need us now.

    Thanks for sharing this Marc.

    Jim C – Minneapolis, MN

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