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FOF #630 – Live From Akbar!

The wait is over! Here it is, the taping out live show from the Akbar in Los Angeles. What a great night it was for us. Performing before a live audience always is such a […]

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FOF #629 – Putting the PH in Phabulous!

Gonna fly now, because today the Feast of Fools takes you to Philadelphia. We’re knee deep in cheese steak sandwiches, Liberty bells and the origins of fabulous 70s disco music, we’re talking about the city […]

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Have you seen it already? This post-apocalyptic stunner was shot in the streets of Berlin.

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FOF #628 – Is Clay Gay?

Is Clay Aiken gay? Does it matter? We get this question all the time. Being the top rated gay podcast in the world makes people think you are privy to personal information on celebrities and […]

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FOF #627 – There’s a Fire in My Pants

We have no idea what to wear for our Halloween costumes. Last year I followed my favorite theme, which was to combine costume clichés into a hilarious new combo, kind of like peanut butter and […]

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“Queen Kong” Trailer

Kooky FoF pal Miss Understood sent in this campy clip. Though it’s a comedy, “Queen Kong” looks very much like “King Kong” but with boobs (not on the ape, though). The beauty who attracts the […]

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SHOW #10 – Who Wants Cake?

We were all a little giddy in Ontario, California when we won the “Best GLBT Podcast” award, so we had to celebrate by asking one of our cutest and sweetest long time listeners Jonathan from […]

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FOF #626 – It Takes Two to Tango

Pets love company, and our favorite pet, our People’s Choice Podcast Award for “Best GLBT” podcast now has a twin to play with. Don’t they just look so cute together? We are delighted and honored […]

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FOF #625 – Hungry for More

Why do people decide to become porn stars? Although being a “porn star” may carry a certain mystique. you don’t usually make a lot of money at it. Being in entertainment generally takes a big […]

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FOF #624 – Where Dreams Come True

We had a great time hanging out with our friends and fans at Gay Days at Disneyland in California. It’s incredible that the time has passed so quickly in our two week California tour. Where […]

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