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Cake Sitting in San Francisco

We’re so happy that Curtis brought us a cake in San Francisco.

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Pageant Contestant Stacy Hedger: “Star Wars”

This clip’s many pleasures are obvious—my favorite is the audience’s reaction at the end: stunned silence. Thank you to listener David for the clip. More from the pageant scene: Click through and see Miss Black […]

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Shingo Mama, “Oha Rock”: Drag for Kids

After a long spoken intro, Shingo Mama busts out a hyper-hyper kids’-show production number about getting up in the morning. Notes listener Olah, “Shingo Mama is off the chain!” Watch out for a surprise guest […]

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FOFA #365 – Quarter Turns for Everyone!

Just WHAT does the exultant phrase “Quarter Turns” mean? Boy do we get that question a lot. Earlier this year in January, American Idol finalist Clay Aiken’s squeaky clean image had a bit of a […]

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FOFA #524 – Pregnant with Possiblities

Thank you for downloading our ODDcast. Notice there’s no “P” in it, please keep it that way. Today’s show is brought to you by the letter P- we’ll be talking about all sort of wonderful […]

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FOF #623 – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to put the Feast of Fools in your iPod. We’re in the City by the Bay enjoying the temperate weather, sunshine and fabulous thrift stores. As we […]

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FOF #622 – Baby Can Dance

On today’s show we talking with our Los Angeles pal Marsian De Lellis, who performed at the VERY first Feast of Fools show, in the Spring of 2008. Marsian has been super duper busy studying […]

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FOF #621 – Tastes Good

Nothing tastes better than sweet sweet victory! Last Friday we hanged with the fans and our podcasting peers as we celebrated and accepted our award for “Best GLBT Podcast 2007” from the People’s Choice Podcast […]

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