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Nov 28, 2019 · 2036 views

When we first started doing the Feast of Fun podcast on February 8, 2005, there were about 50 shows listed on the first podcast directory. Most of them were called audio blogs, where sole voices read their essays which was a great way to make the Internet come alive, especially for folks with vision challenges.

We had a dream of creating a world where millions of people listned to each other, deep in conversation. Feast of Fun was the first show of it’s kind, helping to shape podcasting for a whole generation of people. In June of 2006, when Apple celebrated it’s one year anniversary of podcasting, Feast of Fun was chosen as one out of 48 “pioneering shows… that helped bring podcasting from an underground movement to a mainstream phenomenon. [Feast of Fun] helped to pave the way.”

Right now we need your help.

Feast of Fun is made possible because of amazing people like you. For the past 15 years, our microphones, hard drives, mixers and cables have fearlessly been recording podcasts with thousands of legendary artists and LGBTQ people.

We need your help to save Feast of Fun. Two of our microphones are broken. Our equipment and our website have had it and are in urgent need of repairs in order to continue.

This holiday season, please consider stuffing your stocking with Feast of Fun. Go to and pledge any amount today.

Can we get to $1,500 this week?

Your funds will be used to:
• Repair two of our broken microphones.
• Repair our broken mixer (the 4th and 3rd channel aren’t working)
• Repair our audio compressor.
• Replace our main hard drive that records the audio files.
• Replace the four main audio cables that go into the mixer.
• Updated feastoffun’s podcasting plugin to one that supports Apple’s new podcast tags.
• Optimize to load faster and save on hosting costs.
• Install new community forums.

Plus- we’d like to bring back our special forums for listeners and guests of the show, a truly fun place to chat without fear of having their privacy compromised or exposing themselves to Facebook.

Thank you for being the most amazing audience in the world.

After so many years of putting out podcasts and videos you love, our dear computer is about to die. Click here to Save Feast of Fun’s Podcasting Studio.

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