Ask Deven Green & Joel Bryant Anything

Oct 19, 2009 · 1985 views

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We’re taping a show with the always hilarious YouTube sensation Deven Green and her hunky action movie star husband Joel Bryant, in person from West Hollywood tonight! Ask them anything you’d like. Deven Green’s probably […]


  1. For Deven: Have you met Brenda Dickson? Has she in anyway responded to your brilliant and hysterical interpretation of, “Welcome to My Home”? Thanks!

  2. Cristal Connors says:

    Darlin, are we ever gonna get any other Brenda Dickson videos? I’ve been waitin so long my nipples have been levitatin!

  3. Pandora Boxx says:

    I try and use the word “vaghene” on a daily basis. Deven, how did you come up with the word and do you use it every day? I think you should.

  4. Watusicat says:

    To Deven: What would Betty Bowers think of this Letterman Brouhaha? and to Joel: What is the latest news on his pilot?

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